Dental Implants Austin: Exploring the Process Followed by Top Cosmetic Dentists

Posted by sophiamilller on August 10th, 2013

People who are having teeth and gum problems often go for traditional dentures while a lucky few manage to find the dental implants Austin professionals. These dental practitioners have found a new way for correcting dental deformities along with many other dental problems and diseases. If you are worried about missing teeth or broken teeth, dental implants might be a viable solution for you. However, you should not proceed before consulting your case with a dental professional. This is because the process is not advisable for patients with abnormally high sugar level and other underlying conditions. Only a practicing and experienced dentist can tell you whether you are fit for a dental engrafting treatment. Find reputable Austin dental implants practitioners online to find a permanent solution for your teeth and gum problems.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants Austin practitioners make use of artificial ‘anchors’ that resemble s crews or cylinders. They support the broken teeth with these artificial tooth roots. Usually, these ‘implants’ are made of titanium or other similar materials that are not considered detrimental to human body. The implants are attached to either the upper or lower jaw to support the artificial tooth (teeth) that are more widely referred as ‘crowns’. These materials have been in use through decades and many patients have actually benefitted by getting these artificial bridgework. Implants make it easy for the patients to chew food. Implants and crowns are attached to the jaw without any adhesive and need not be removed for washing/cleaning. You can use your toothbrush for cleaning the artificial teeth. An Austin dental implants practitioner can explain you the benefits in a more detailed manner.

The three-step process of attaching dental implants

Dental implants Austin professionals opine that the entire process of dental implantation may take several months together. These dentists follow a three-step procedure to implant dental plates and crowns. At first, the dentist places the artificial root inside the jaw. The implant is well protected by a screw, which prevents debris and gum tissue to enter the area. The implant is then covered for 3 to 6 months. During that time, the implant coalesces with the bone (this process is medically termed as osseointegration). Patients may experience pain, swelling or tenderness during this period. The best dentists in Austin always prescribe pain-killing medicines that assuage the pain and discomfort. Patients who have already undergone surgery are strictly recommended not to take too cold or too hot food during the healing time. Austin dental implants professionals fit extensions to support the replacement teeth after the initial pain and discomfort fades away. As a final step, the dentist sets a custom-built crown onto the post.


Reputable dental implants Austin professionals never proceed towards performing an implantation surgery if they find their patients are not clinically eligible for the process. In reputable clinics, a team of professional dental practitioners discuss the case of each patient individually to decide whether a person is a good candidate for a surgery of this type or not. If required, consult an Austin dental implants practitioner several times before you are finally convinced that you are medically fit for the surgical process.

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