Teeth Whitening Austin: Four Proven Benefits of Invisalign Treatment

Posted by sophiamilller on August 10th, 2013

Invisalign braces have in a way redefined orthodontic treatment. The teeth whitening Austin practitioners adopted the proprietary treatment method of Align Technology, Inc. (Santa Clara based company) for the advantages briefly discussed here below. The traditional treatment for stained or malformed teeth was to uproot the tooth and replacing it with dentures. But modern technology has brought in those almost invisible trays that are replaceable as well. The treatment procedure is relatively novel even in branch of cosmetic dentistry and many patients have already found the benefits of this treatment. The cosmetic orthodontists first collect the dental impressions of their patients and then preserve a copy of that impression in a plaster mould. Austin dental practitioners follow almost the same procedure. If you approach a reputable dentist in Austin for whitening your teeth, he will probably take the same route. 

Transparent aligners: The aligners that are crafted according to the shape and size of the teeth of the patients are fully transparent. Teeth whitening Austin treatment has gained immense popularity among adults as because they want not the metal braces and implants for strengthening their teeth. These transparent aligners are comfier than the metal braces. These components are removable as well, making it easier for the patients to consume food without much difficulty. One can easily wear and remove these whitening and strengthening elements.

1.            No side effects: As opposed to traditional dentures and braces that are infamous for the many side effects they cause Invisalign does not cause any secondary effect. Root reabsorption is a common side effect caused by metal braces. On the other hand, 50% of patients who are using metal dentures currently or have used in the past have been diagnosed with unnaturally aggressive tooth decay. This is because metal braces are permanent structures that cannot be removed without surgery and only a qualified dentist in Austin can perform that. On the contrary, the invisible aligners are changed after every two weeks with every new set giving comparatively less pressure and less pain. Metal appliances are not replaceable in most cases and put greater forces on teeth and gum. Teeth whitening Austin practitioners recommend using invisible aligners for greater comfort and less pain.

2.            Choice of aligners: The computerised designs of the invisible aligners are shown to the patients for them to choose from. Besides, patients are not restricted to take spicy or hard food while using these aligners. The prospective patients can choose from a verity of projected designs, make his choice, learn about the treatment procedure and time required, compare the plans and can make an informed purchase if he chooses to take the service of a particular dentist in Austin to better his smile.

3.            Faster treatment method: Cosmetic dentists worldwide have unanimously admitted that this is indeed the fastest orthodontic treatment for repairing malformed or broken teeth as on date. While the traditional treatment method may take as long as 96 months, the invisible aligner treatment method can be completed within 12-18 months. However, teeth whitening Austin researchers are in the process of finding faster ways of treatment.

To know whether the treatment is appropriate for you, you need to consult your case with a dentist in Austin who can check your underlying medical conditions and can perform the treatment you desire for a better and brighter smile.

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