Remote Hosted Desktop Helps in Real Time Collaboration

Posted by AmandaTom on August 14th, 2013

The prime benefit of remote hosted desktop, as believed by many IT infrastructure architects, is that it helps in real-time collaboration. In an ideal hosted server environment, two or more co-workers can work concurrently on a single assignment, download, upload and share work files without seeing each other. This makes working in a collaborative manner easy as never before. Workers can now log in to their respective portals, send presentations, fix or cancel meetings quite easily. The system is especially advantageous for multinational corporations who have workers across national and state borders though many smaller companies are making cloud computing and data storage a sincere choice of them as because this is the most fail-proof data security model as on date. Hosted email and remote desktop assistance are two of the most advantageous aspects of remotely hosted desktop.

Remote log-in and log-out

This is indeed a very important feature of remote hosted desktop as realized by all the big companies around the world. Within a virtually hosted network, a worker can log in to his work system whenever he wishes and from wherever he is. Until remotely hosted desktop was there, virtual private networks (VPNs) were mostly used by companies across various industries. However, VPN only allows access to the workplace network and files that were not shared on the common network could not be assessed. A hosted desktop, on the other hand, facilitates the workers to access files stored ion hard drives, and that too in real time. Hosted email works in the same way.

Remote PPT sharing

Presentations are integral part of work life. Executives need to give many work-related presentations mostly built on MS PowerPoint and other applications before subordinates, supervisors, colleagues, inductees, colleagues and stakeholders. With remote hosted desktop, you can share screenshots of your PC screen with members in the audience, run the slideshow, stop and control, just as you do while delivering a presentation standing physically before a gathering of clients or colleagues. The process is quite easy and webinar (web + seminars) speakers often make use of the technology now-a-days. On the other hand, the same technology is used in many online schools and the authorities are strategically helping their students adapt to the new norm of taking notes or listening to lectures. The corporate slideshow presenters can also download presentations from the hosted email accounts remotely.

Apps sharing

Applications or apps constitute a considerable share of modern day computing. We use myriad applications in our day-to-day working life, knowingly or unknowingly. Remote hosted desktop makes it easy for the workers to share and download apps within cloud environment. The most amazing benefit of cloud sharing is that you do not need a software to be installed on your system to run it. Even software applications that are not compatible with your system can be run. This is because you are not actually running the software on your system. What you are seeing and controlling is the desktop remotely stationed but within the same cloud environment.

Hosted email and other cloud computing features have helped business grow smarter for sure, collaboratively.

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