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Posted by sophiamilller on August 14th, 2013 is an online private STD testing centre designed to help those who feel they are infected run private STD tests so as to ascertain the status of the infection. On this site, one can easily locate the nearest STD testing centre for confirmation if he/she is infected. If test is positive, treatment must be initiated immediately before the disease becomes more deadly.

STD test centres can easily be found around your location by navigating your way through the new era's STD testing site. This site is very easy to use and has a map that shows your city for easy selection, or you go through the "find a test centre" link that lists all the state of the US making it extremely easy to choose and locate the test centre nearest to you.

One more thing a lot of people bother about which keeps them from going to confirm if they are infected with any STD is the fact that they want it private. They don't want to go around seeing other people ostracize them in the society but here's the good news. With the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act which requires that all electronic medical records are kept confidential, new era's STD testing centre would never disclose your identity for any reason to anybody. One more thing that ensures your test results are private is the anonymous STD testing method which means that you can decide not to write your name down in the register since they know that your sexual matters are extremely personal matters. When you come for the test, a number known as your personal identification number would be assigned to you in which you would use to check your results. With this method, no one would ever have the slightest idea of who you are or what you are being tested for or even what the status of your results is. One other thing that ensures privacy is that your test result is “client billed” meaning that it won’t get sent to your physician or any insurance company so you are free to do whatever you want with the information. The procedures for testing are easy. You would be assigned to a local clinic based on the zip code you filled in your form and there you can get tested for any STD you require. This process is totally anonymous so even if you don’t provide your real name, it won’t be a problem. When you are through, just go home and you would be notified be email when the result of the test comes out. In addition, your credit card bills would not have any received emails from “New era STD testing” so you are assured of not being exposed to the public that you used this service. With all these measures in place, you are assured of extreme confidentiality of your records so for all you that have been shy or scared of showing up at the clinic. Now is your chance to put this problem behind you before it escalates.

New era’s private STD testing has made a commitment to help the world overcome STD’s with its private STD testing centres around you.

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