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Posted by sophiamilller on August 14th, 2013

It is now easy to check and confirm if you are either infected or not with New era’s STD testing centre. For those that are shy of going to a clinic around to check their HIV status, this is a confidential method of doing it without the slightest knowledge of any other person apart from you.

STD stands for Sexually transmitted disease and these diseases are not based on gender, race or sexual orientation, it can occur to anybody who gets in contact sexually with any contaminated person. There is a current estimate from common authorities like the Centre for Disease control and prevention (CDC) that there are about 19 million new STD cases in the United States yearly. One more disturbing thing is the fact that most incurable STDs don’t show any symptoms either initially or at all and finally ends up in the death of the patient so it is very possible for somebody to be infected without knowing it.

HIV is the most fatal disease ever recorded in the history of man. The HIV tests fall under two categories which are to confirm if a patient is either positive or negative. They are HIV-1 antibody, Reflex Western Blot Confirmation and HIV DNA Test by PCR with HIV Antibodies by ICMA. These tests require that the blood of the proposed patients be drawn.  The results of this test is credible yet before then, the DNA tests can be taken earlier in case of suspicious sexual partner. The most efficient HIV test is the Antibody test which requires a blood sample of the infected patient. It has an accuracy of 99.5% and the other side of the test, it is the fact that it would take up a dormant period of 2-3 months after attack with the micro organism to detect antibodies in the blood although 3 months is not fixed it is just an estimated figure, some could take shorter but that is the estimated time needed to get the most perfect result. HIV symptoms don’t begin to manifest immediately, the virus must have lived long in the patient’s body even over a decade before the patient realizes so the ideal way to actually predict if a person who has been having multiple sexual affairs is contaminated is to run HIV test. This is the main reason why doctors recommend that everyone be tested every six months or yearly at least and apart from that, you would always have a calm mind knowing that you are not HIV +.

HIV test can either be positive or negative. If its negative, it means that no HIV fighting agents were found in your blood and for more clarifications, you can try running the test a few weeks later but if on the other hand you are tested to be positive, it means that you may have captured the HIV virus and you would need additional tests to confirm the result.

Why not check your HIV testing status online today with the New era std testing centre?

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