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Posted by sophiamilller on August 14th, 2013

A lot of people who have been diagnosed of various sexually transmitted diseases had the symptoms but kept on pushing it away. If you feel that you might have been infected with one of these terrible diseases like gonorrhoea or hepatitis b,  don't just sit back and wait for it to hold you down. Visit this website and do a proper confirmation of gonorrhoea testing and hepatitis b testing.

Gonorrhoea testing and Hepatitis b testing is a must as these are blood transmitted diseases which could be deadly if not diagnosed and treated on time. These diseases could easily be transmitted through the following means. Unprotected sex, the use of razorblades which are already used by an infected person, sharing needles or similar items without sterilization when already used by an infected person, it could even be transmitted via blood transfusion.

In order to confirm and diagnose someone of gonorrhoea, the patients urine sample is collected and tested for neisseria gonorrhoea which is the bacteria present in gonorrhoea. Most STD centres adopt this method although there is another method which involves swabbing the infected area and microscopic analysis. In order to perform the popular gonorrhoea nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT), no drawing of blood is necessary. All the doctor needs is for the patient to urinate into a cup and this urine is checked for strands of gonorrhoea DNA but before this test can be conducted, the patient is required not to urinate for up to an hour in order for the results to be accurate. If then you are diagnosed to be negative, it means that no gonorrhoea DNA cells were found present in your urine but if your mind is not in tune with the results, then you are free to come back in a few weeks time for a repetition of the test. If on the other hand, you are diagnosed to be positive, an antibiotic would be prescribed by the new era free STD doctor to kill the infection. In addition, you should be asked to take precautions especially in the area of sex as you pose a risk to others.

Hepatitis b is also similar to gonorrhoea except for the fact that its mode of testing is different. It is done by blood test which is called Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg). The test searches for the presence of a particular antigen which is a protein located on the surface of the Hepatitis B virus and shows the doctor if it’s acute hepatitis b infection or chronic. There is no special preparation needed to perform this Hepatitis b test. The results would show you if it’s positive or negative. If  positive, it means that you have been diagnosed with active acute Hepatitis B infection and should begin treatment immediately but if on the other hand, you test negative, then as at that moment, you are free of the disease. For those that are positive, adequate care has to be taken when dealing with other people because the infection can easily be transmitted through unprotected sex, un-sterilized sharp objects, blood transfusion, etc.

New era's std testing is committed to helping people eradicate STD's by gonorrhea testing and hepatitis b testing at pocket friendly prices.

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