Candy Crush: How to get Maximum Points in Minimum Time?

Posted by candycrushlevel on August 14th, 2013

Smartphone and social media have turned up with so many gamers for people that they cannot feel boredom, even if alone. The coming of androids has brought a big revolution, offering them the needed access and means of recreation that the life seems to be filled with fun and excitement. Thanks to the designers who have further designed in countless games that could grab interest and attention of every type of gamer.

Candy Crush Tips

Candy crush is one of the rewarding games that have earned much popularity in short span of time. Looking into the ways people stay engrossed in the game, there are numerous websites that have turned up to help people learn hints on candy crush to make it easy for them to clear successive levels. Now, one can stay updated about these tips and cheats and could use them to become the highest achiever or break the record. It helps people to clear the round in minimum time and with maximum points to be declared winners.

Candy Crush Cheats

One of the best tips to ponder over in order to clear candy crush level is reshuffling candies, without losing lives. It brings in different positions and may even lead to easy to handle situation, making it easy for player to cross the certain stage. The strategic use of striped candies is also advisable to be the winner. Striped candies should not be wasted, as they are helpful in clearing the hard areas. A player should always keep a strict watch at time left to clear the round. In order to help player deal with the time situations, candy crush offers remarkable option add +5 to the clock. It can be done by crushing down +5 candies.

Candy Crush Level Tips

Clearing the bottom of the board can be helpful in various ways. It helps a player to pass on to the next stage without much effort. Fish candies should not be destroyed early, as they can clear the hard to reach areas. Thus, using them at last is advisable for achieving a good score. Another most important candy crush level tip is choosing the right combination. One should choose stripped candy with wrapped candy and many such combos that could be useful in clearing the maximum part of the board, especially at bottom or corners. These cheats have turned to be lot helpful to players in learning about the whereabouts of the game that in turn increases the interest of the player.

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