A General Overview Of What To Expect When Testing For Chlamydia And Hep C

Posted by sophiamilller on August 14th, 2013

There are those moments in life when you value discretion. If you are unwell and you don’t want anyone infringing on your privacy, you should make sure that you have a trusted doctor to ensure that your condition is kept just between the two of you. When you have a sexually transmitted infection and want to test for it, chances are that you might feel embarrassed going to your local health centre and explaining your case. Thank heavens for the internet that such awkward moments can be avoided due the presence of confidential STI testing. If you are interested in Hepatitis C testing and Chlamydia testing the New Era testing is definitely the place to go.

What are the nitty gritties of Hepatitis C testing? If you are new to this kind of testing, then you might be a little bit scared of the process. However, the good news is that this test isn’t really that complicated. In order for you to be tested for Hep C, you only need to provide a blood sample. From this sample, the doctor will test for antibodies that are necessary to fight off the Hep C infection. If you were suffering from Hep C in the past, the test will eventually reflect a positive result. Hence, it is imperative that you inform your doctor of a past infection. There are residual antibodies that indicate that your body was fighting off your infection. What do you do if you have a positive result from the test; it means one of two things: the latter or that your body is in the acute stages of Hep C. As soon as you discover that you had a Hep C infection, the doctors should ensure that they start you on medication right away. What about a negative result in your test? This can also mean one of two things: that your body is infected but the signs have not manifested themselves in which case you should go for testing in three months or it can mean that you are free from infection. There are no special precautions that you should take when testing. You can trust New Era testing to deliver the results discreetly.

Chlamydia testing is important especially if you suspect that you might have an infection. As was mentioned earlier, it might feel awkward when you go to a health centre and try to explain the discomfort that you are experiencing. Hence, at New Era you will have a comfortable environment where discretion is valued above all else. The testing process is somewhat delicate and thus you should ensure that you take special precautions before testing. The only preparation you have to make is to ensure that you don’t drink any water if you are going to have urine test. The other Chlamydia testing option is where the doctor swabs the area and tests for strands of Chlamydia trachomitis, the bacteria that causes Chlamydia. In case of a positive test, the doctor will put you on antibiotics and you should abstain from sex until your infection clears up. If it is negative, you should ensure that you test again after 3 months. At New Era, you can trust that we will be discreet and efficient.

For more information on chlamidia testing and hepatitis c testing visit the New Era testing centre.

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