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Posted by AmandaTom on August 14th, 2013

Tote bags are an excellent choice when going shopping. Either we are talking about paper bags or bags made out of different materials, the tote design is perfect for convenient and easy shopping. It’s easier to carry your things around using a tote bag, and besides this design’s obvious practical aspect – it can accommodate lots of things – the tote bag also looks great.

Many women love tote bags because of their incredible versatility. You can use them on almost any occasion, as they are fashion accessories that were created for practical purposes. You can fit loads of things into one, since they’re generally spacious and have several compartments. Instead of carrying shopping bags with you, a simple tote can do the trick. Also, tote bags are very easy to carry, thanks to their design. And speaking of design, they’re probably one of the most unique accessories promoted in our current fashion. It starts from the materials: there are tote bags made out of leather, out of canvas, plastic and so on. The styles vary a lot with these bags, as well as the colors and prints, and so you’ve got all of these similar and yet totally distinctive bags which stand out as fashion statements.

The tote bag doesn’t just bring advantages for the clients, but for businesses as well, especially those connected to the fashion world. Why? Simply because the tote design allows printing logos and images, and as such proves to be a great promotional item. Marketing has an excellent advertising tool using the tote design, as people (women, more precisely) love bags and fashion accessories in general, so here’s the chance to get some extra publicity for free. In the past few years, many companies have resorted to this type of indirect promotion, printing bags with their logos for better brand promotion. As such, if you give people a bag that is unique, they will want to use it (who doesn’t love free stuff?). Either you are selling the tote design as paper bags or in any other form, style, or material, you must be creative. Look at paper bags that you find in supermarkets: they come in all sorts of models and with different prints and colors. Packaging suppliers can help you grow your business giving suggestions on how you can promote yourself through paper bags, through tote designs etc.

Remember that the trick to get attention towards yourself is to come up with a great logo and a nice image or quote. Obviously, you have to consider your clients as well: paper bags for children will look different than those for women or men. But don’t get worried that you can’t think of a good design: suppliers can suggest many great ideas for promoting your company better, using these bags and packaging in general. Go ahead and ask for some ideas; you’ll see that great packaging and using promotional bags can bring you more success and add new clients and profit to your business.

Tote bags and paper bags can be customized to your specific tastes, so that you can brand yourself better. See for yourself!

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