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Posted by CesarMuler on August 14th, 2013

Planning to build a house and design a garden too? Then, besides contacting a team of builders, you should also consider addressing a company offering services like fencing Wirral and paving Wirral. A fence is a structure meant to delineate the boundaries of a private estate. Fences are usually surrounded by pavement, which is a durable material destined to ease foot traffic.

Think of what you need the fence for; some fences can be designed to provide more privacy, while others are purely intended to set boundaries between a land and another one. If you want intimacy, go for a panel fence, whose panels are very easy to mount, even by an inexperienced fencer. If you need protection against thieves, a concrete fence or an electric fence would be the best bets.

Before starting to build your future fence, check your local laws. Some fences need to comply with the requirements of the areas where they will be placed. Due to specific regulations, some fences can be made only from wood, while others need to be 3 feet high at the maximum. By consulting a specialist, you will be able to build a fence that lives up to the standards.

The next thing is to make sure that you build the fence on your territory, not on your neighbour’s. If there is already a fence between your properties, you may not even need to build another one. The only fence that is truly necessary in this case is the one that delineates your land from an adjacent road or from any other public domain. If there is no fence between two properties, their owners should build a fence together, and share the expenses.

The next tip regarding fencing Wirral and paving Wirral is connected to the vegetation that you may have to tear down, in case you decide to build a fence in an area covered by herbs, flowering plants, shrubs, and tall trees. Before making any decision, think this twice. Is it really necessary to destroy nature, or you can build the fence 50 cm to the left or right than initially thought?

Also related to nature, this time to cut tree roots, you need to verify how many roots are present in your soil. Tree roots may be present underground, even if there are no trees to see at the exterior. And the problem with them is that they can disturb the placement of the fence posts. Also, the pavement could suffer alterations in time, due to the modifications suffered, in their turn, by the tree roots beneath the surface.

As you can see, there is more to building a fence than just placing several posts in the ground, assembling some boards, and constructing a gate or more. You need to have the approval to build a fence, to measure your territory accurately and position the fence on your land, protect the vegetation near the fence, search for forgotten tree roots underground, since these could cause some problems, and work with the best specialists.

Interested in surrounding your property with a fence? Contact us for services like fencing Wirral, paving Wirral, garden design and maintenance, pruning, hedge trimming and other garden-related services. We offer free design advice, no obligations quotes, and services to match your budget and personality.

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