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Posted by sophiamilller on August 15th, 2013

Cirurgia de varizes a laser works by sending strong bursts of light onto the vein and making it slowly fade and disappear. Lasers are direct and accurate and damage only the area that is being treated. All skin types and colors can be safely treated with lasers. The new laser technology is more effective and has fewer side effects. Plus, cirurgia de varizes a laser is more comfortable for patients due to the lack of needles or incisions.

There are several types of lasers that can be used to treat varicose veins and spider veins on legs or other parts of the body. The most common used lasers are: yellow light lasers, green light lasers and all intense pulsed light systems. However, health insurance coverage varies and not all laser treatments are covered by health insurance. Furthermore, if cirurgia de varizes a laser is performed only on account of cosmetic reasons (instead of medical ones) insurance will most certainly not cover it.

Cirurgia de varizes a laser is used as sclerotherapy and it has become the standard for treating varicose veins. Cirurgia de varizes a laser is not an invasive procedure and it can be done at a medical office without requiring hospitalization. The method itself consists of placing a special catheter or a small tube into the vein. The catheter sends radiofrequency energy that causes the vein wall to shrink and seal shut. Healthier veins surrounding the closed vein can then restore the normal flow of blood.

Cirurgia de varizes a laser is preferred to traditional surgery which is used mostly to treat very large varicose veins. Laser para varizes is a type of treatment that is used mostly on spider veins and tiny veins just under the surface of the skin. The procedure consists of several different sessions that are scheduled every seven to ten weeks and can only be prescribed by a doctor.

Laser para varizes is a new type of technology that is currently becoming more and more available to the masses. The riskier laser procedures can not only treat the small veins but also the larger varicose veins in the legs. Although riskier, the procedure is still less painful than traditional surgery and it has a shorter recovery time. Only local anaesthesia or a light sedative is required for this type of treatment. In contrast, for vein surgery, general anaesthesia has to be used to put the patient to sleep.  

Immediately after treatment, the patient is able to return to normal daily routine. However, the patient is required to wear compression stockings for at least a week. Moreover, the doctor is required to use duplex ultrasound to check whether the vein is closed or not. 

 Over the past twenty years, laser para varizes has become a common type of treatment for varicose veins. It is safe and effective and it works about 95 out of 100 times. If the procedure is not effective, it can be repeated. Moreover, the patient can choose between three types of laser treatments: radiofrequency treatment, sclerotherapy and simple laser treatment. In addition, for better chances of success, it is advisable to use the services of an experienced doctor who specializes in laser treatment.

Side effects of laser para varizes include: skin burns, skin colouring changes, nerve damage and small or large blood clotting in the vein. It is important to know how often these side effects occur in the practice of the consulting doctor in order to know what to expect from his or her services.  

All in all, compared to vein stripping and ligation surgery, laser para varizes usually causes less pain and a shorter recovery time. Moreover, laser treatment is done through a small incision and it does not require general or spinal anaesthesia, which is always a plus.

Those that are considering laser treatment should ask their doctor the following questions: How much experience does the doctor have with this particular treatment? How much will laser sessions cost? How many sessions are needed?

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