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Posted by adairsawyer on August 16th, 2013

In the United Kingdom, vehicles need to pass a MOT test to be able to circulate on the country's roads. The term MOT stands for Ministry of Transport test. This type of test is imperative for those vehicle owners that have a three-year old vehicle; they need to verify if the car complies with the regulations set by the Ministry of Transport in terms of automobile safety, exhaust emissions and roadworthiness. The vehicles that require this type of test are: motorcycles, three-wheeled vehicles, cars and light vans, private passenger vehicles, ambulance and taxis, and goods vehicles.

In Salisbury, the MOT Salisbury test is undertaken just like in any other city in the United Kingdom. First, the vehicle is taken to an authorised car garage Salisbury. Authorized garages can be recognized thanks to a three-triangle logo displayed on their doors or windows. This test can be performed at your car dealer, and also at various garages throughout Salisbury; the difference between having this check out performed at your car dealer and having it at an authorised car garage Salisbury is that by choosing the second option, you manage to save money by not paying high rates to your main car dealer.

The next step involved by the MOT Salisbury test requires you to present your vehicle papers, so that the mechanics who will perform the tests know the basic information regarding your car, such as what type of brakes does your car use, what type of seat belts, how heavy is the vehicle, what type of exhaust system does it have, and many others. This test must confirm that the vehicle meets the environmental and road safety standards. If the test is failed, the vehicle owner needs to repair or improve his car in order for it to pass the test next time; if a vehicle fails its MOT test, it can benefit of a free re-test within the next 10 working days after the test.

The MOT test covers checking the brakes, tires and road wheels, seat belts, exhaust, fuel and emissions, steering, suspensions, lighting and signaling equipment, tow bars, and others. Also, items like the windscreen and wipers are tested to see if they are working or not. The MOT test does not cover inspecting most of the accessories a car has; if the car owner wants to test his car accessories, he has to pay an additional fee. When performing this test, mechanics do not dismantle the vehicle as disassembling any part of the vehicle during this test is strictly forbidden.

Vehicles circulating on the United Kingdom's roads must comply with certain environmental and safety standards. To make sure that your motorcycle, three-wheeled vehicle, taxi or personal car is safe for the environment, yourself and the rest of the road users, take it to Brunel Motors, a car garage Salisbury where your vehicle can have the MOT Salisbury test performed. For booking your MOT test more than 14 days in advance, you are invited to complete an online booking enquiry form. For earlier tests, call Brunel Motors on 01-722-337-822.

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