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Rubber: affordable and versatile table protectors

Posted by lexifip158 on August 14th, 2020

Traditional rubber is a cloth, most often canvas cloth, painted with oil-based paints, to create a slippery surface and a stylish appearance. Today's rubber often uses vinyl material rather than oil-painted canvas to achieve its slick surface. The vinyl adheres to a lower layer of woven cotton mesh material to strengthen the rubber, extend its life, and to protect the tabletop or other flat surface on which the rubber is used.

Rubber is in common use in various industries today, but it is still the material of choice for tablecloths and other table protectors. Vinyl tablecloths, table runners, and placemats are among the many styles of rubber table protectors available.

The benefits and ease of use of rubber and vinyl tablecloths is what makes them so popular. The rubber is stain resistant and waterproof, which prevents liquids from seeping through the table protector and damaging the table as can occur with other standard cloth table crease protector.

Cleaning the rubber is very easy, with a warm, damp kitchen towel or sponge to clean the cloth. The rubber should then be dried with a soft towel or cloth, especially if you plan to fold and save the vinyl tablecloth for later use. Moisture remaining on a rubber's surface after storage can create problems, allowing the rubber itself to be damaged. Moisture can also promote mold and mildew growth.

Rubber is versatile and easy to store, as it is not a bulky material. With the number of patterns, colors, and styles available today, many people enjoy having various vinyl tablecloths to use throughout the year, including those specifically for private parties and family gatherings.

The rubber can be rolled or folded for storage. If stored folded, apparent wrinkles will appear in the rubber when unfolded. These folds are fairly easy to care for using an iron on the steam heat setting, although it is important to use a thin ironing cloth between the iron and the vinyl to avoid melting or damaging the rubber tablecloth.

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