Fun Fair Attractions in North Wales: Are they safe?

Posted by johnybfre on August 17th, 2013

To most parents living in Wales the idea of organising an event for one of their children may seem very tricky. Often times they think about renting one of the fun fair attractions in North Wales but fear to bring that plan to end because they have questions about the safety of such places. If you are in a similar position, but still think one of North Wales Amusement Parks is the only place in which your little ones might enjoy to play with their friends, we can offer you the information you need to make your mind.

Eventhough accidents in parks do no occur as often as one may think, people are still highly paranoid about them. According to statistics, you have more chance of having something bad happen to you on your way to the park than you would have going on a ride. To go a little further into details we can say that the average amount of people who are killed in a year at amusements parks worldwide is around 4. If you compare that to the 1.2 million who die in car accidents each year, you might get a clearer idea on the whole concept.

Serious park owners will do their best to verify every machine as many times as it is necessary. In fact, they are obliged by law to hold a daily checklist of all the rides which are opened to the general public. In addition to that, a reputable business owner will not take any risks and will do their best to hire highly skilled professionals who can operate the rides in safe conditions. Further more, those who pride themselves with their activity will ensure their business and get covered with a High Public Liability Insurance.

As we have stated above, a serious park owner will do his best to provide a proper environment to his clients but keep in mind that not all those who work in this field are serious. When it comes to picking the right park in which your children and their guests can enjoy a perfect event, it will be up to you to decide which one is more suitable. One of the best things you can do is visit the premises of several parks and look for the following aspects: state of the rides (are they new?, are they in perfect working conditions?), skills and attitude of the employees, quality of the products in the food stands, general mood. After you are done “spying” you can go home and do a little research on the owners with the help of the internet. This can be done quite easily by visiting the amusements park’s website where you will be able to find out years of experience, significant events held in the park, but also read testimonials from past clients.

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