Abstract art in Bracknell - good for your wallet and your soul

Posted by Johny Dean on August 17th, 2013

According to the world famous French artist Henri Matisse, precision is not reality, meaning not all art should be so an accurate replica of what we see. In fact, Matisse believed that what you choose as source of inspiration should not be copied but simply used as trigger for the imagination. What he meant to say that there is a certain unique beauty abstract art that other forms fail to portray. But what Matisse did not say about abstract art is that it is highly profitable as the money you invest in it today can be doubled in just a few years. If you wish to purchase abstract in Bracknell, but have no relevant knowledge on the matter, we can help you by offering some advice. In order for you to know exactly what you are buying you must understand that abstract art is and get familiar with its definition. As the name explains, the paintings which come under this art form are abstract in nature, meaning the created composition exists with a degree of independence from the visual references in the world. It can be divide into two major types know as figurative abstraction and emotional abstraction. The first type represents the symbolic representation of series of situations or ideas as they are seen and later conceptualized by the artist. Basically, in figurative abstraction reality is simplified, as the artist gives up on what he considers to be unnecessary details. What is left is the essence, which comes out more powerful and richer in symbols, having been stripped down from other surrounding elements which might catch a viewer’s eye. On the other hand, emotional abstraction is defined as the representation of emotion, spirituality or voice.

Once you have understood these basic elements, we can move further to the process of purchasing a painting. Before rushing to spend money on the first piece you are being told is valuable, you should know that one of the best things you can do is purchase a painting that you enjoy looking at. After all, you will be the one who will have to hang it on their wall and visualize it for a long period of time. However, if your intention is to buy the painting to make profit, we advise you to be a little more careful. If you are being told you are buying the work of a famous painter, make sure you are offered your money’s worth. Have the work evaluated by a specialist who can tell if you are about to purchase a real painting from that specific artists, or just a well-made, yet invaluable copy. If your main goal is to purchase art to support the local scene, we suggest you choose one of the highly talented artists in Bracknell. This way you are guaranteed to find an abstract piece which will not only fit your budget, but also satisfy your visual needs.

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