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Posted by Johny Dean on August 17th, 2013

Wood is one of the most precious materials provided by nature. One of the most common sources of fire is represented by wood. It is used for heating boilers, for fireplaces, stoves, or for preparation of food: barbecue, pizza, in restaurants, etc. Due to the fact that it has so many uses, a lot of people are looking to buy logs and firewood. They call for services of certain companies providing stove fuel Cheshire and logs Cheshire.

In order for wood to create heat, make sure it meets certain important characteristics that should not be overlooked; the most important is, undoubtedly, the correct hardening or drying. In other words, the level of humidity of wood must be around the value of 10-15%; also the time of year when it is cut should coincide with winter. Proper drying allows you to have an excellent performance of fuel and law emissions. For storage, wood should be placed in a well-ventilated shelter, and cut into pieces of proper dimensions. These dimensions are important because they depend on the type of device wood is used for: stoves, fireplaces, central heating system, etc.

Wood is divided into hardwood and softwood. Hardwood burns more compactly, it lasts longer and it is more suitable for domestic heating. Softwood turns easily; it burns fast and develops a long flame; that is why it is usually used in furnaces that require a long series of flames. The wood for heating has significant advantages compared to fossil fuels. It is a renewable source of energy and it does not cause sulphur emissions. It is cheaper than fossil fuels and the modern heating systems allow a convenient and economical use.

In general, people are turning to companies that sell firewood, wood for boilers, for fireplaces, for pizza ovens, for hearth furnaces, for barbecue, wood for stoves. They have hardwood firewood such as beech, acacia, hornbeam and oak. Also, the experts provide cutting of wood for firewood and its transportation to your home. So it is very easy to place an order and then just wait for the stove fuel Cheshire and logs Cheshire to arrive right at your home. It also should be noted that the products are carefully stored so as to be protected from water and moisture and other weathering resulting in a better quality of essences, and implicitly a better burning.

After sorting and sectioning, the round and short wood with defects (knots, spinning fibre, rot, etc.) is fragmented by splitting into pieces. Therefore, the qualitative differentiation of wood becomes possible, and also extraction of high quality parts and their appropriate usage. Besides the fact that splitting facilitates the removal of internal defects, this procedure may reduce the volume of pieces of wood, which provides better opportunities for handling and transport with low energy consumption, favourable conditions for a faster drying of wood and its proper preservation.

If you are looking for stove fuel Cheshire and logs Cheshire you should try to find a provider with a lot of experience so that you could be sure of the quality of the wood you buy.

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