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Posted by johnybfre on August 17th, 2013

Water pipes are extremely important, because they allow us to satisfy one of our most urgent needs, the need for drinking water. A human being can resist without food for many days in a row, but not without water; the body becomes dehydrated and this medical issue, if not solved, leads to death in a few days.

That is why water pipes need to be treated with maximum care and maintained to be ready to provide us with the best liquid of all, at any time we need it. Water pipes can be made from various materials, such as iron, polyethylene, polypropylene, steel, and copper. They are present underground, as well as inside buildings.

Usually, water pipes cannot be seen by the inhabitans of a building, because they are hidden by the builder. However, householders and company managers need to verify the water pipes once in a while, by checking the external appearance of the pipes. This can be done by placing their hands into the cavity where the pipes are located.

It is normal to feel a bit of humidity, especially since the cold water pipe is usually found near the hot water pipe, but it is not normal to turn off the water system and still feel humidity when checking the pipes. If this happens, you may have to contact a company offering services like pipe repair Stoke-on-Trent or leak repair Cheshire.

Such company could tell you that you have to replace a water pipe or repair a part of it. If the pipe simply requires a repair, this is done in a few steps. Specialists providing pipe repair Stoke-on-Trent or leak repair Cheshire services know very well how to handle any type of situation, depending on the material the pipe is made from, and also on its age.

If the pipe requires a simple repair, but it is too old, the specialist will obviously recommend to replace the pipe entirely, since the water quality may not be that good. If the pipe can still resist several years, the repair will begin by marking the affected area. That area will be then cut with a pipe cutter, but only when it is not filled with water.

Before starting a pipe repair procedure, the water has to be turned off. High volumes of water can be dangerous, especially if the water is hot; in this case, it can even produce burns. The pipe is cut several inches on each side of the affected area, then a primer is applied around the ends to ensure the new piece of pipe will adhere perfectly to the old one.

For repairing water pipes, the best material is cement. This is applied several minutes after applying the primer, time needed by the primer to dry. The specialist does not let too much time to pass, otherwise the primer would have no effect in the future. After applying a few grams of cement around the ends of the broken pipe, he aligns the new piece of pipe.

It all ends by pressing the new piece of pipe to the old one, to make sure they get attached to each other. Once again, cement is poured onto the ends of the affected area, this time a repaired area. This material has the role of protecting the pipe from suffering from another leak in that exact area in the future.

Water pipes allow us to drink the most recommended liquid, water, and also to bathe. But like any other thing, they are affected by the passing of time, and by many other factors. If you happen to need a pipe repair Stoke-on-Trent or leak repair Cheshire, be sure to contact us.

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