Three External Conditions That a Greenhouse Controls for Wellbeing of Flora and

Posted by sharonevans on August 18th, 2013

A greenhouse has glass roof and walls and is primarily meant for cultivation, conservation and exhibition of plants and rare species of animals such as some species of reptiles. A greenhouse controls a number of external conditions that are mostly related to environmental polluting and global warming. It is now a widely known fact that the ozone layer of the atmospheric layer above us is getting holed almost every day by the powerful sunbeams. This poses a threat to the living organisms and many of the rarest floras and faunas have already become extinct or nearing extinction because of this. If you really love green plants, have an obsession for gardening or you are willing to sell or consume fresh vegetables, you should plant trees inside a glasshouse construction. Here below are some external conditions that are controlled by a greenhouse.

The greenhouse effect (temperature)

Greenhouse effect is simply the trapping of the heat sent by the sun by the glass-made plat abodes known as greenhouses. A greenhouse controls the temperature of its interior and the plants inside can grow even when the temperature outside is somewhere around 0 degree Celsius. However, environmentalists interpret ‘Greenhouse Effect’ from a different angle. They opine that burning of fossil fuels artificially and alarmingly increase the temperature of the earth’s environment and that the heat beamed by the sun on earth’s surface, which goes back to the space during night, is absorbed by some gases that are particularly produced through burning of fossil fuel. A glasshouse construction simply keeps the plant life inside warm.


Plants also need fresh air to flourish. Greenhouse controls also include inflow of adequate amount of air inside. As you have made out by now, greenhouses are particularly useful during winter months as these conservatories help the plants gain adequate amount of heat and retain the heat of the sun collected during daytime. What happens during summer? Some greenhouse models come with windows and other sorts of ventilation systems that allow inrush of natural air and cool breeze during night which keep the plants alive and fresh all through the year. If your plants are conserved inside a glasshouse construction, you can also control the air pressure and inflow inside the conservatory. You can also install fans and other sorts of air current generation systems/devices.


Plants cannot grow to their fullest is they are deprived of light. Greenhouses let the sunlight in so that the photosynthetic process in plants can run uninterruptedly with the help of radiant energy. Greenhouse controls also include grow lights (or plant lights) that stimulate the growth of the resident plants. Light conditions can be controlled manually by switching on or off these lights and in many other ways.

If you are still undecided whether you need a glasshouse construction for your plants to grow, consult with an expert today. An expert horticulturalist can explain you the importance of greenhouses. For a matter of fact, greenhouses are commercially viable options and you can also think about selling vegetables, fruits and flowers within your neighbourhood.

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