The Best Brushes for Makeup

Posted by sophiamilller on August 19th, 2013

If you are a beginner in the art of make-up, it can get a little overwhelming to shop for makeup brushes without knowing what to look for. Not only that you have to figure out what is every brush used for, but you also have to deal with many different brands, prices and materials. Therefore, it is better to start on the right foot and do a little research before buying any set of brushes for makeup, rather than experimenting on your own to see which products are more appropriate for your needs.

Luckily, nowadays, there are many bloggers and specialists willing to share their makeup tricks with those who are trying to improve their skills. Most of us are paying attention to cosmetics and makeup techniques, but we often seem to forget that the perfect look cannot be obtained without the right tools. And nothing works more magically than a good set of makeup brushes. But how can you choose your professional brushes if you don’t know what makes them better than the others?

There are cheap brushes for makeup, which can cost less than $10, and there are more expensive ones. However, having given the fact that you are going to use your brushes daily, it is better to consider an investment in quality. One of the most important assets of a professional brush is the material from which it is crafted. Brushes with natural hair for example are better suited for cosmetics that are dry, such as eyeshadow or powder. Synthetic brushes on the other hand are more appropriate for liquid cosmetics, like foundation or lip gloss.

Besides the material, makeup brushes also vary in shape and size. The reason they are designed this way is because each particular brush is destined for one purpose only. The foundation brush is a little more round and flat-tipped, which makes it great for a smooth application, covering the pores. Larger than the foundation brush, but still with a round shape, the powder brush allows you to use just enough product for a flawless makeup.

The brush for blush is just like the powder blush, but a little smaller, which makes it perfect for applying the blush on the lines of the cheekbones. This can only be used for applying the bronzer. Unlike the other three, the concealer brush is flat and it has a wide base with a pointed tip. These brushes are known as face brushes, while the rest of them are called eye brushes. There are tens of shapes and designs for eye brushes and some of the most popular and essential ones are: the eyeshadow brushes, the eyebrow ones, the blending brushes and the crease brush. Besides these, there are also lip blushes

At you have the possibility to choose from a wide variety of brushes for makeup, whether you are looking for individual ones or sets. Besides that, you can benefit from free shipping in the USA if your makeup brushes order is worth more than $50.

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