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Posted by sophiamilller on August 19th, 2013

If you’re an ERP Consultant or Solution Provider working in the niche and competitive ERP market, you know very well that competition is high and brutal. If you want to keep furthering your career and diversifying your portfolio, while increasing the number of successful implementation processes, you should definitely consider highlighting your previous ERP success stories using an online tool of one type or another. Creating an ERP case study about a successful implementation or consultancy process can help you bring your resume to life, and publishing it online can help you boost your customer base and find new jobs faster and easier. Keep reading to find out more about how you can publish an ERP case study of your own online in order to share one of your ERP success stories with the world and with prospective clients, of course.

There are a few important reasons why it could be to your benefit to publish at least one ERP case study from the numerous ERP success stories you can claim to your record. Listed in no particular order, these factors can, when put together determine the short-term and long-term success of your consultancy service or software service business, so grab a pen and start jotting—or click your Bookmark button, for an easier solution.

It can be FREE—at least for a time

There are certain specialized companies which have been created in order to publish ERP success stories. This is one of the companies you want to be looking for. You can use other resources, like a LinkedIn profile, but that’s much less visible than earning a spot on an industry-specific website and online directory or sorts. When you work with an established online ERP case study publisher, you should get an option between different membership options, including a Basic one which is normally free of charge. Here you may be allowed to post at least one ERP case study. While you won’t have full access to all the features such a website may have to offer, you’ll still have an URL for your ERPstudy which you’ll be able to track and use in order to see if it has any effects.

It will reflect well on your professional persona

Publishing a case study or ERP implementation profile online can help you provide a classy presentation for your successful projects. This image will extend to your persona as a Consultant or a Solution Provider. You may have a website or a larger number of company pages, but nothing can be better than having your ERP success stories published, especially online. You’ll appear in search engine queries more often, and you’ll gain a bigger exposure to customers shopping in the niche ERP industry. Publishing your successes online can help you get new projects similar in nature and scope to your past successes, more or less guaranteeing an increase in your chances of achieving success time and time again.

If you’re an independent Consultant looking to highlight your ERP success stories in order to increase your exposure, consider placing a successful ERP case study online, to highlight your skills and help you attract new business.

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