Bluelab Combo Meter - Getting the Optimal Conditions for Your Crop

Posted by SharonEvans on August 19th, 2013

Being a gardener is a full time job that even though is very rewarding, it also requires you to invest a lot of time, attention and energy into your crop. Regardless of the fact that you have turned to hydroponic gardening simply for curiosity, for its advantages or you are doing this as a permanent activity, you will need to ensure just the right conditions for the plants to grow as they should and even better. There are numerous benefits that come with hydroponics, but in order to ensure that you are treating your crop the best way possible, you would need the help of a bluelab ph pen or even a bluelab combo meter that comes with even more functions.

What sort of tools are best for your crops? Well, as you may know, hydroponic gardening is something that can be done indoors without any soil. However, you need nutrients and some supplies that would ensure just the needed conditions for the plants to grow. This means that you need to use lamps for heat and light, maybe a wave machine and the most important tool of all, a bluelab ph pen or even a bluelab combo meter. The deal with the last two tools is the fact that they allow you to see if the nutrient solution has the needed pH for the crop to feed and grow properly.

If you want to be sure of the fact that you can check more than the pH of the nutrient solution, then you can opt for a bluelab combo meter instead of a simple bluelab ph pen, because you can also get readings for temperature and conductivity. If you want to start with a simple and small crop, then a pen that provides you just with pH readings is enough. The advantages of these meters are many, but the most important one of all is the fact that you are able to see if the crop is getting the needed nutrients. If the readings are not what they should be, you can immediately take action and solve the issues so that the plants do not suffer.

You will find pH and combo pens that are waterproof and most of them have auto off functions, fact that will save you money on batteries or electricity. These are very simple to use tools that only require you to press a button in order to get the wanted readings on the screen. This means that you will not be wasting any time when checking just how the plants are doing and in the case of you needing to make a change in the solution. This type of tool is essential for hydroponic gardening as it allows you to see if you are providing the ideal conditions for your crop.

If you want to be a very good gardener, then you need to make use of just the right tools that will ensure the wellbeing of your crop. You need to look for the available bluelab combo meter or bluelab ph pen today!

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