A New Years Resolution To Stop Smoking ? How To Keep To It Beyond Jan 2nd?

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 26th, 2010

So, here you are again. Seeing out the old year, along with its broken promises and failed, good intentions.

You arrive, fresh with newly found conviction, after the excesses of the Christmas period, at the New Year?s resolution, an annual triumph of hope over reality!

Hope, that this time you will have the single mindedness to succeed, where last time you failed. I?m not suggesting for a moment that you do not want to succeed, I?m sure that your desire to stop smoking is genuine, but here?s the reality, it?s a hope, a dream and what?s the point in having dreams if you?re not going to make them happen?

You may dream of winning the lottery and yes, you could win! But it?s down to chance and you have a better chance of flying to the moon, than of winning the lottery.

Making a real change to your life? Well that?s a dream you can, make happen! And you can start right here, right now.

The problem with New Year resolutions lies in the forward planning. Moving towards a significant target date in your life, to contemplate doing something that you know is going to be a struggle, makes it even harder to live up to your own expectations.

Of course you?re not looking forward to it! What do you expect? As you begin to experience a steady build-up of tension, leading up to the big day when you?re finally going to start putting right everything that?s wrong with your life!

No pressure there then! I?m sure you?ll feel ready to start on that day!

In the meantime of course, you now have the perfect excuse to behave badly, because it doesn?t really matter if you let yourself go over Christmas does it? You can do everything to excess. It won?t really matter! After all, you deserve to have one last binge before the deprivations of the coming year ahead!

If you believe that, then you?re delusionary. You?re just fooling yourself because it makes you feel better at the moment. It?s the high, before the deep low that will inevitably follow and damage your self-esteem, sabotaging your chance of success even before you start.

Wake up and smell the coffee!!

Do you really want to stop smoking? Then do something about it, NOW!
Clear the house of all the things that you know will prevent you, NOW!
Do not put aside an emergency packet ?just in case?, that?s just planning for failure!
No ?last one for old times sake?
Do it NOW ? as you read this article.
Don?t put it off until tomorrow, because tomorrow never comes!

How we think and feel about ourselves is often the difference between happiness and success, or frustration and failure, therefore success and real lasting changes, only comes from changing the way we think. We are all products of our own thinking.

So, every thought we think has an impact on us. We respond to our negative thoughts and to our positive thoughts. If you have a history of failing to live up to your own expectations, your memories are loaded with negative programming.

No matter how much conscious effort you put into changing your habits, your subconscious mind is flooding your body with negative messages that have been ingrained for years.

You can however, change the way you think about stopping smoking using the help of hypnotherapy DVD?s.
Many people trying to give up smoking, struggle to maintain willpower. They feel that they need help and are often too embarrassed to admit to anyone that they have a problem. Now, many sufferers of low motivation and low confidence and self-esteem, are benefiting from hypnotherapy treatment, which can literally change peoples lives for the better.

Your life will improve if you begin to believe in yourself and your abilities, you will feel respected, giving you that extra boost to increase motivation, and your enthusiasm will increase noticeably. Some people say it feels like magic because it is so easy to make powerful changes. Hypnotherapy simply allows you to access the resources you already have in your subconscious mind.

Desire to make changes is good. Taking action to start something is even better. Let?s assume that you?ve decided right now, to start making the changes that you want. If you have tried before and failed, you need a support structure put into place as quickly as possible, to help you to maintain your resolve and to keep your thought processes focussed on your goals. A hypnotherapy DVD programme for home use can help. You certainly don?t want to be obsessing about smoking all the time.

You can succeed and you can quit smoking for good. You will have success this time if you make sure that you put an effective support system into place as soon as possible.
What?s stopping you from stopping?

So, don?t wait to make any New Year resolutions at midnight on the 31st of December, decide to start making the changes that you want to make in your life, RIGHT NOW!

Do something different this time.

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