How Does International Financial Support Be Executed Correctly

Posted by aypearl on August 22nd, 2013

Even the economy cooperate globally than usual, but the diversity of poor and rich between countries still exist, and some of these issus still exhibated seriously. While some people think it is an excellent way to assisst poor country is give them financial support, but others may realized that it only will enhance the poor situation by giving them free aid but not teach produce technique. This argue has been discussed frequently.

Since the digital age coming, people’s? living sorrounding has changed a lot. The country with high productivity facing one problem which is how to deal with residual asssts. For instance, china jewelry wholesale industry are facing this problem, and the saturating market increase competetion in this field.? The advantage of international finanicial aid could be expressed in one aspect is can help developed country reduce their production wasting rate, and offer the undevelop country necessory living insurance. Secondly, the large amount of assistance from different countries, also could attract global attentation, and then it able to be a popular topic in public, this situation not only enhance prople’s conception of thired world, but also stimulate cultural mutual understanding between nations and countries.

On the other aspect, widly international financial support also will bring people some nagetive effct, and this kind of charitable conduct probably will roll into political issus, such as if chinese governament decides give any countries support, even just in the field of china jewelry industry, but there still some people would like porpose the question about how deal with political relationship between these countries. Further more, even the china jewelry supplier can not realized that similar policy like this isn’t a isolation but a preserve.

In conclusion, same issue like international financial aid, should be considered seriously, and it is necessary to share the opinions with different countries who has the same political position, then can solve it through a satisfaction mathod.

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