The importance of 5s and of DMAIC

Posted by AmandaTom on August 22nd, 2013

The 5s is a system meant to help improve any kind of organization or of personal business by simply following five steps. In turn, the DMAIC strategy is as important as the 5s one, being also recommended for improving any business. This is meant to measure the defect metrics, and in the end can develop effective strategies for business management.

5s has numerous benefits which can prove to be effective in any business development. Among the most important advantages that this system can bring are the elimination of waste, the optimizing of efficiencies and the streamlining of the production process. The adaptation of 5s thinking must come with a commitment to place organization, safety and effectiveness before outputs, profit and production deadline. Although this might seem difficult to do at first, it has been demonstrated that the final outcome can be an overall success. Even if continual efforts are needed during the implementation processes in order for a positive final result to occur, it can all be worth it in the end.

One of the most important parts of 5s is represented by the fact that sometimes production must completely be stopped in order for certain steps of it to be implemented successfully. Although this could be hard to do, the importance and the benefits of this particular action are not exaggerated. By taking time to discover the problems and to fix them in a proficient manner, the future production output is taken care of. Even if at first this change can seem negative, it is in fact beneficial on the long run. Lastly, 5s is also highly important, as it lets the workers take control over their work. In turn, this can bring them more confidence and more desire to do their work right which in the end will also bring benefits to the business. Workers must always understand what the purpose of their company is and identify with it for everything to work easily.

In turn, the DMAIC that represents a strategy for improving businesses and organizations is also highly important. This measurement of the deficiencies metrics is nowadays used as a very effective strategy in professional management. The importance of DMAIC is mainly given by the fact that it is able to enhance the companies’ profitability, but also to stimulate a business’ processes and operations. However, although all of the DMAIC steps have their own roles, it is thought that the Measuring step is the most important, since without this it cannot be determined if the implemented changes really make sense or not. Since when this kind of strategy is implemented in an organization it must be determined if it is likely to be successful or not, the Measuring phase is clearly given much more attention. Potential improvements that have already been made and succeeded or needs that must still be worked on can only be observed through taking this step very seriously.

The 5s and DMAIC are just a couple of different Project Management and Business Management strategies that can help your company achieve long-term, maintainable success, so enroll in an online class and take action to improve your professional future.

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