Different Types of Adoption

Posted by provplace on August 27th, 2013

Adoption is an intricate process, but it is also a rewarding one. The feeling of being able to be a parent to a child is incomparable to any other experience, and there continue to be large numbers of children, both newborn and older children, who are in need of loving adoptive homes.

There are actually a number of different adoption types to consider, and depending on your capacity to provide for these children, certain types may be a better fit for you.

The most common adoption type in the US is domestic infant adoption, followed by older child adoption, and international adoption. The entire adoption process in each of these adoption types may vary, as the required compliance may differ also.

Domestic Infant Adoption

Most adoptive families in the US decide to choose domestic infant adoption. This is one of the many types of domestic adoptions, and is usually offered by adoption agencies, independent practitioners and other similar organizations.

More often than not, this kind of adoption is one that is “open”, or where the information is exchanged between the birthmother of the child and the adoptive parent through the adoption facility.

According to statistics, about 13,000 to 14,000 of the over 135,000 average number of adoptions annually are domestic infant adoptions, and 59% of those are done through the child welfare systems and their accredited adoption agencies and facilities.

Working with your own choice of a local adoption group is a welcomed opportunity for adoptive parents and birth mothers. In Texas, there are reputable non-profit organizations such as Providence Place based in San Antonio, who even offer counseling and support throughout the process.

Older Child Adoption

Older child adoption is another type of adoption that does not involve newborn babies. Some families may welcome the opportunity to help an older child and may be more equipped to care for a child that does not have the same needs as an infant.

In the US, the average age of children waiting to be adopted is at 8 years old, and is going up each year. This statistic is according to the data provided by the Government's Adoption and Foster Care Analysis. Adoption of an older child is also highly encouraged by the government as incentives are given to states that offer this kind of adoption. In addition to this, adoption of older children from adoption centers and adoption agencies may call for less compliance requirements.

International Adoption

Contrary to domestic infant adoption and older child adoption, international adoption involves international adoption agencies that facilitate the adoption of children from outside the US.

Year after year, thousands of US citizens intend to adopt children from other nations. Compared with domestic adoption, international or inter-country adoption may take a longer time before it is finalized, and it calls for more compliance requirements since the laws of the child's origin country will have to be complied with as well. According to statics, international adoption makes up about 25% of annual adoptions arranged for United States parents (Bureau of Consular Affairs).

Whatever type of adoption you intend to request in your own adoption plans, your readiness to be an adoptive parent is always strongly considered. If you are ready to be a suitable adoptive parent, then your journey can begin.

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