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Posted by audreytaylor on August 27th, 2013

Exposing one’s hair is considered embarrassing, as long as the hair is not on the scalp. In other words, featuring some hairs on your legs, arms, fingers, toes, abdomen is not approved by many people. That is the reason for which hairs in these areas get removed very often, especially by women. However, hairs in other areas of the body are removed too, and not because they are exposed, but due to other reasons, such as personal hygiene or medical issues.

The bikini area is often taken into account by ladies when going to a beautician. Showing your pubic hair on the beach or in other circumstances is not only uncomfortable, but it could also lead to some irritations and cause an unpleasant smell. If ladies want to avoid that, they need to perform what is called a Brazilian waxing Cheadle. This is a somewhat painful procedure that removes all the hairs in the bikini area and that should be performed only by a specialist.

But Brazilian waxing Cheadle is not only for women. Men are invited to explore this procedure too and try some waxing for men Cheadle. Although many women say that it is exciting to see a hairy men, the truth is that it is much better to see a man that looks good and shows signs that he takes care of his body. And when women say they like hairy men, they certainly do not refer to the bikini area, that needs to be groomed just like the bikini area of a woman.

Removing the unnecessary hair from your body shows that you respect yourself and also your partner. If you are afraid of going to a beautician all alone, go with a friend, or directly with your girlfriend/boyfriend. There is nothing sexier than sharing this experience with your loved one. Still, do not try to provide your partner with a Brazilian waxing, because this procedure usually involves handling some hot wax, which can burn your partner’s skin, if you are not careful.

The waxing for men Cheadle procedure starts just like the waxing for women, with a good shower. The beautician needs to make sure you are ready for removing all of your unwanted hairs. It would be preferable to take the shower at home and save the beautician from expecting you to get out of the shower in order for her to give you the wax. Also, if you know you are sensitive in relation to such procedures, take an anti-inflammatory pill before heading to the beautician.

If the pubic hair is too long, the beautician will trim it until it reaches a desired length, which is usually less than an inch. Do not go to the salon without any hairs whatsoever, because the beautician will not have what hairs to remove. Do not be ashamed, because she has seen a lot of hairy women and men and dealing with this kind of situations is part of her daily job. Also, do not go to the salon with your preferred type of wax, because the specialists there know better what is good for your skin.

If you have preferences that you need to be respected, discuss this matter with the beautician before going in for the wax, because she could feel hurt, if you want to force her to use a specific wax, that she has never used before. It is recommended to talk about all these potential issues at the beginning, when you discuss the price too. Also, mention all the medical problems that you may suffer from; some people simply cannot withstand a Brazilian waxing.

The procedure itself involves the beautician covering a small part of the bikini area with some wax. Then, she immediately places a cloth strip onto the skin, in the same area where the wax has been poured. She waits for several moments, then she firmly removes the cloth together with some hairs from your body. The pull is done against the direction of hair growth. The procedure continues until the hair is completely removed.

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