Dog Kennel Systems and Cabins

Posted by audreytaylor on August 27th, 2013

Dog kennel systems are a safe and healthy environment for any dog to live in. Similarly, dog cabins can make daily dog maintenance hassle free. However, great attention must be paid to details such as: the site of the kennel, the floor layout, the construction of kennel walls and the kennel drainage system.

Before building dog kennel systems or dog cabins, one must check local zoning and building code inspectors that usually dictate certain setbacks and changes to location and material requirements. Moreover, in orientation of building dog kennel systems or dog cabins, one must first consider prevailing winds. The location must not act as a snow trap and there should be extra attention paid to the winds in the area since they might constantly blow on or even into the dog cabins if they are not taking into consideration prior to construction. Furthermore, overhead screening for summer shade must also be given due consideration. Sidewall screening is also a good idea if the master would like to spare the dog from seeing everything that takes place in the neighbourhood. If the dog is sheltered from unpleasant events, then he will be less likely to be unhappy or bark all the time. Finally, the location must also be convenient for the master in order to make daily feeding and cleaning chores possible.  

Once the ideal location has been chosen, the next step is over viewing the size and surface of the structure floor. The dog needs to have plenty of room to walk in the dog kennel systems or the dog cabins. However, the dog cabins or dog kennel systems must not be too large either because that would make shovelling snow and inside cleaning more difficult than it should be. With larger floor areas it is also important to make sure that injury from dogs slipping on smooth surfaces is fairly avoided. In order to ensure the safety of the dogs, one must heavily consider the safest type of concrete surface to build the floor with. Moreover, if the surface is too rough, it can cause irritation or cut pads on the feet, which is way floor materials must be carefully analyzed before purchasing and using.     

The concrete out of which the floor must made should be reinforced with rebar or mesh and then poured four inches thick with a quarter inch slope for each foot run to the front entrance. Furthermore, at the base of the entrance, a gutter must also be formed to allow for a septic system drain. To this, a three-foot side walk should also be added at the entrance.

Blocks make dog kennel systems cleaning easier and save wear and tear on the kennel walls. The blocks have to be laid directly on the concrete slab and, upon completion, each block needs to be filled with sand. Then, concrete is smoothed over the remaining void, the end blocks being left open for final placement of the kennel walls. These walls can be purchased from the local lumber yard or fence company. However, those that like building everything can just buy the components instead of the entire walls. Most fence companies sell wall components together with easy installation instructions.

A top cover should also be purchased in order to keep dogs away from females in heat or stopping them from jumping outside. After placing the top cover, the next step would be building an entrance door that should be designed with a full swing opening for easy snow removal. A chain with a bolt snap or padlock can also be added for security issues.

As a last construction detail, the end wall against the building can be covered by welded wire because it is never wise to leave a building wall exposed to a dog as it will most likely turn it into a chew toy. 

If the entire building process seems too complicated or time-consuming, then it is best to check out websites that sell dog cabins. Moreover, there are also companies that specialize in on-site dog kennel systems building. Therefore, it is more convenient to hire a professional that can construct kennels as well as cabins in due time and with less effort or resources.    

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