Car Scratch Repair London Experts Offer Bespoke Solutions for Damaged Car Body

Posted by adairsawyer on August 28th, 2013

Car paints are tampered for a variety of reasons that include childish acts of mischief and acts of vandalism. If your vehicle’s bodywork was scratched by some vandal or some naughty kid or during a road traffic accident, you can opt for car scratch repair London experts who can repair everything from light scratches to other sorts of disfigurements. They can also fix unnoticeable scratches that can become aesthetically unpleasant with days passing. However, the job of repairing car scratches may seem a less complex than troubleshooting engine or brake problems, which is actually a widespread misconception. If you just apply a coat of paint to conceal the scratch, you will face many issues. Firstly, the original colour of your car’s body and the colour of the newly applied paint may not match. Secondly, the coat of paint may not last long. Only a car bumper repair London expert can prescribe different treatment for different types of scratches. These car mechanics deal with a variety of small and big bodywork scratch issues.

Solution for light and unnoticeable scratches

You cannot really notice a light scratch without a magnifying glass or without running your hand over the car surface. Car scratch repair London experts, however, use a variety of tools and technologies to detect even the slightest of damages, and the faintest. They make use of abrasive compounds and microfiber towels to d away with the scratches. The abrasive compound slowly fills up the scratches and then they apply car polish solutes to make the cars look like new ones again. These car bumper repair London experts also offer DIY lessons to the car drivers, often at an extra cost, and you should check with a local mechanic whether you can repair these local scratches yourself or you should send your car to a repair shop.

Solution for moderate scratches

Moderate scratches do not reach the metal strata of a car’s bodywork. However, these scratches are displeasingly visible, which is why many car owners look for car scratch repair London experts when their cars get moderately tampered. Since the scratch does not reach the metal core of the car’s body, a simple touch-up will do. However, in a car repair professional’s dictionary, this simple amendment means a lot more than just painting the body. He can employ a wide variety of chemicals and is likely to follow a tactic for fixing the issue. In case of moderate scratches, you should not just try your hands on as because it can completely spoil the appearance of your car. You should consult a car bumper repair London expert before doing anything.

Deep scratches

Car scratch repair London experts are mostly called for fixing deep scratches. Scratches that reach the metallic part of the bodywork are simply too difficult to fix and you should leave the job to an expert only. These experts know the tricks and are adequately equipped to make the necessary reparation.

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