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How Young is too Young for Pierced Ears?

Posted by shoploho on August 28th, 2013

How young is too young for pierced ears? That was the question raised on a lot of blogs recently when model Giselle Bundchen had her infant daughter’s ears pierced.

If you’re the mom of a young girl or a ‘tween, it’s very likely you’ve had this debate in your own house. How young is too young for pierced ears? How old is old enough?

Parents of pre-teen daughters have lots of reasons for saying no. Maybe you don’t think your daughter is ready to take care of pierced ears. She could develop a medical issue such as a metal allergy or keloid-prone skin. Or maybe her father just doesn’t want his girl to grow up!

Finally, families can now stop having this conversation. Today’s fashion jewelry designers are reinterpreting the non-pierced earring in ways that have girls of all ages ready to sign up for clip-ons. And one shop, Loop’d & Hoop’d at Shoploho.com, is leading the way with on-trend styles for everyone.

For the younger set, Loop’d & Hoop’d (or Loho for short) offers a range of age-appropriate designs that girls and their parents can agree on.

Older teens who already have their ears pierced will also find lots to love. For instance, a row of small non-pierced hoops marching up the earlobe gives the look of multiple piercings without the commitment of additional holes. And modern clip earrings also allow designers to experiment with dramatic, statement pieces that would be too heavy or uncomfortable to wear in pierced form.

These advances in clip-on earrings are possible because of new engineering methods and materials that allow for lightweight, beautiful designs that look virtually the same as pierced. New mechanisms are a big improvement over the pinchy screw-back or hinge clip of the past. Loho’s innovative “hoop-on” design is both comfortable and secure, allowing them to be worn for longer periods than the old-fashioned clip on earring. What’s the secret? Loho has replaced the traditional uncomfortable hinge with a spring mechanism and offers earrings that are no more that 6.5 grams per earring. Want something even lighter? Check out their Featherweight Collection weighing in at 3 grams or less – approximate weight of a penny.

Modern clip-on earrings are also a cut above the magnetic earrings that are sometimes marketed to young girls and ‘tweens—they stay on better, and come in a wider range of styles.

There are lots of good reasons for making your daughter wait to pierce her ears. But with the new non-pierced earrings on the market, she can still express her individuality and experiment with style. Explore the possibilities at Shoploho.com.

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