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Service of Apple laptops and computers

Posted by samedaygeek620 on August 19th, 2020

Apple is an American company founded in 1976 in California. The founders of Apple Corporation Inc. were Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. Initially, the company operated in the garage of Steve Jobs, where the first product was created - Apple I, which was mainly the work of Steve Wozniak. Both Apple I and the later Apple II model allowed the company to achieve great success. In the following years, the number of employees was constantly increasing, and the offer was constantly developed. In 1984, the first computer with a true graphical interface was created - the Macintosh.

Unfortunately, despite some of the best and critically appreciated marketing ads, Apple products were not very popular on the computer market. This was due to the limited number of programs and the high price. Internal conflicts within the company led to the withdrawal of Wozniak, while Jobs left Apple and in 1985 founded his own company, NeXT.

More Apple products were produced in the following years, but due to high prices and fierce competition from other computer and software manufacturers, the company recorded sales declines. In 1996, the company announced the purchase of NeXT for $ 429 million, which saw the company as a software supplier, and Jobs returned to Apple, where he soon regained leadership of the company.

With Steve's return, the process of rebuilding Apple has begun, including opening its own retail stores. Several software companies were acquired to create a software package and to change parts of the components used in Apple computers. A year after the NeXT acquisition, Apple released the first breakthrough All In One computer, the iMAC. The computer turned out to be a sales hit and in the first 140 days it grossed over $ 300 million, which is the company's annual profit.

In 1999, the first Apple notebook was also launched, the iBook, which turned out to be the same bestseller as the iMAC. The offer included other products - G4 Cube - a compact personal computer, eMAC - AIO in a white housing for educational purposes, PowerMAC - a PC from Apple and MAC Mini - a desktop weighing 1.3 kg.
With the development of the hardware, the software has changed. Due to the outdated architecture, the operating system supporting Apple hardware after updating to version 9.2.2. has ceased to be developed. In place of MAC OS, the company introduced a completely renewed operating system MAC OS X 10.0 (Cheetah) based on the Unix kernel.

In 2007, the company name was changed to Apple Inc. This change was to emphasize the setting of a new direction in Apple's market policy. From then on, the company was to focus mainly on consumer electronics. This year, the first iPhone was also shown to the world.
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Our service repairs all Apple laptops and desktops. We have access to original parts and we perform post-warranty repairs of laptops of this manufacturer. The most popular laptops of this company were produced in series:

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