Some Facts about Video Resumes

Posted by jobma12 on August 30th, 2013

Video resume is a modern way of searching jobs. It has completely changed the way people search and apply for jobs. It complements a textual resume and enhances it by showcasing the profile in a way not possible through a textual resume alone. For example the soft skills can be very easily expressed using a video resume. Also, it shows the character of the speaker. One common query that is generally asked by jobseekers is how to make a video resume. One needs to follow the best online video resume samples to get the knowhow of professional video resumes. You must also note the following facts of video resumes:

• It must be short. Ideally around 60 seconds is enough to attract the attention of viewers. Hiring managers just don’t have much time to scrutinize long resume for consideration. It is advisable that you must mention all the necessary points at the beginning of your resume to lure your viewer to see the complete 60 seconds video. Most employers ignore the video when they do not find anything useful within 30 seconds and skip to the next video.

• It must be well created. Create video resume that looks professional. You must keep in mind that your video resume is for employers who are very busy to scan several resumes to select the best out of the lot. So if your video resume is not properly visible or has low audibility then it is bound to be rejected. Select a nice background, dress and groom properly, have proper lighting, sit straight and look straight to the camera, and speak clearly and coherently. Creating a video resume through editing software can be an added advantage.

• It must be reviewed. The resume must be reviewed for errors, omissions, accuracy, and content. You must make a self-review as you are the best judge of your own quality and merits. You must also get it reviewed by your friends, colleagues, and family members. Accept the good points from others, which you missed in your self-review, and try to resolve the deficiency in your next video shooting. Take plenty of video shoots and choose the best out of them.

• It must be uploaded. You must upload your multiple video resumes to YouTube, top video resume websites, your own website (if you possess), and social networking sites such as LinkedIn. You must upload video resume in the format mentioned in the job portals or as shown in the best video resume sample.

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