Types of HR Management training resources and their benefits

Posted by buyandtrain on September 2nd, 2013

HR Management and Development Knowledge is now recognized to be a vitally important part of an organisation’s ongoing success. In particular the HR Manager needs to be knowledgeable in the many areas that make up Management Development. These include training in labour relations, recruitment, employment law, managing diversity, and of course employee development. The traditional definition of the human resource professional has changed, and so has the responsibility that s/he has. They are no longer people who simply respond to the organisation’s daily needs they are increasingly internal consultants.

In this article we shall focus on the different training and development methods most commonly used and show how the use of downloadable, customizable training resources can be used by HR professionals to create new training material and improve and develop existing content.

The major training and development methods used by organizations are:

- Instructor Led Training Courses (internal/external)

- On the Job Training

- Individual Coaching

- Distance Learning including E Learning Programmes

- Training Webinars and Virtual Classrooms

- Job Shadowing

- Job Rotation

- Mentoring

The use of Instructor Led Training Courses and On the Job Training are still the most popular with a growing increase in the use of Training Webinars/Virtual Classrooms which are both powerful and cost effective. E-Learning Programmes prove most valuable for knowledge acquisition and testing.

So how can learning and development resources obtainable from many online training specialists be used to speed the learning and development process and add impact to learning experiences?

Let’s take as an example the area of Soft Skills Training.  This includes Leadership and Management Skills, Performance Management, Talent Development Skills, Communication and Personal Effectiveness Skills, Change Management Skills and Sales Skills.

A reputable provider of resources covering these topics will include in their products:

- Whole Courses

- Sessions for creating your own courses

- Diagnostic Tools

- Questionnaires for Self Evaluation

- E-Books

- Videos

- Articles

- Process Guides and Checklists

This content can be paid for once, downloaded and customized to the user’s needs, a very cost effective and powerful way of growing a learning and development library.

The content can be incorporated into all of the major training and development methods used by organizations and even be easily added to existing e-leaning programmes.

As organizations seek to use more cost effective ways of providing internal training and development solutions for their employees these online sites are playing an increasingly role in the life of today’s HR Management and Development professionals.


About The Author:

This article is written by Jeremy Francis, who is associated with Buyandtrain.com. Jeremy has worked at all levels in organisations of all sizes and across all market sectors around the world partnering them in creating bespoke solutions to their needs using a blend of customised training resources including instructor led training, e-learning, virtual classrooms, online personal growth and development resources, online education programmes, and consultancy.

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