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Posted by rycoweb on September 2nd, 2013

As anyone who script writes for video will tell you, it is a challenging activity and a daunting prospect. It is a complex subject that requires some elucidation and a few practical pointers to help the apprentice adapt to the skill set demanded. Just like any other form of writing there is a knack to script writing. It can be learned by any technical writer with an interest in the visual writing domain. Certain elements impinge on a script writer’s modus operandi making it a more multi dimensional process. The aspiring video script writer has to consider the many elements of a video production such as: the camera movement, sound effects, presenter message, character, music, dialogue and story line delivery.


Writing for a visual medium rather than for print requires a visualisation process where the writer or communicator learns to let the video speak instead of the words. Conversations in writing have to be realistic and writing dialogue which has to be cultivated as a skill - is usually a foreign skill for most technical writers. A vital cross over skill is learning to operate a time constraint on a corporate video production in Belfast. This affects the style of writing and is something that the script writer has to adapt to very quickly – the average video promotional production is 30 seconds – anything over that is a viewer turn off, where brand promotions are concerned. There are a number of skills to be accomplished for a budding script writer to become fully fledged:


  • The ability to analyse and synthesise – metaphorically separating the wheat from the chaff.
  • Cultivating an enthusiasm for research and producing rich script writing through a natural interest in a wide range of topics.
  • Organisational capability to arrange information in intelligent sequences
  • Ability to empathise with the audience and appreciate their attitudes and interests
  • Refining a good command of grammar and exhibiting the ability to write sharp concise prose
  • The ability to think visually and transmit ideas through images
  • Creative writing is the base skill necessary for any script writing
  • The ability to sell your ideas to your audience
  • Being a team player – there are other specialists involved in video production including cameramen, producer, sound technicians, editors and even IT professionals – a script writer needs to interact effectively with them all. Good people skills are essential.



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