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Posted by genedumas on September 2nd, 2013

For every home, its windows and doors are an integral part of their home. The doors play the role of point of entry and point of exit. This is true for every room irrespective of the purpose it is used for. Therefore, proper installation of the door deserves special attention. Since these doors serve as the main point of entry, it is very important to make the doors safe and secured. In a sense, this acts as the first line of defence against all kinds of external threats to the house. This is where the door locks come into the picture.

Every household, office or building has its own requirements for such door locks. Fortunately, there are several types of locks available in the marketplace. Thus, buyers can choose one according to their needs and requirements. Gone are the days when people had very restricted choices in terms of availability of these locks.In modern times, with the advancement in the field of science and technology numerous latest and advanced locks have come into the picture.

Currently, the bored cylindrical locks have emerged as a popular Door locks choice. This lock can be seen in doors across the globe. Unlike other locks, it warrants a hole to be drilled inside the frame of the door. Whenever the door is shut, the lock gets inserted in the hole eventually locking the door. Apart from this, digital locks are gaining immense prominence and popularity. Thespeciality of these locks is that they operate with help of computer chips. Even the locking and opening of these locks takes place with help of specific password. These are very hi-tech in nature. For instance, repetition of the wrong password several times might lock the door for an uncertain period. This might compel you to take help of an expert professional to open this lock manually.

These door locks are not only applicable for house or a commercial premise but also for vehicles. Of course, these are called power locks and are installed in cars which in turn operate with help of a remote button. Generally imbibed in the car key, the doors of the car get opened or closed simply by pressing the remote button.

People with a penchant for luxurious items, find the designer door locks the ideal option as it permits them to make a style statement effortlessly. Having these locks in their house doors adds up an aesthetic dimension to their property. These designer locks play a significant role in contributing to the overall elegance to their house. Most manufacturers of these locks are well aware of this mind-set of buyers. Therefore, they incorporate suitable features in it. These are available in different tastes and budgets.

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