Equine Supplements ?To Improve The Horse?s Performance

Posted by genedumas on September 2nd, 2013

Not everyone enjoys the privilege of owning a horse. A lot of it depends on the kind of infrastructure available at your discourse. For instance, it is very essential that you live in a barn. Keeping a horse in an urban location is a distant impossible thing to achieve. There is an exception to this rule wherein this is a feasible alternative in case you are running a business that depends on horses, like organizing carnivals. The bottom line is not an easy task to accomplish. Besides being expensive and strenuous, perfect horses care is more than having the best equine supplements.

Needless to say, equine supplements are very important to sustain your horse’s stamina and health. This becomes all the more important if the horses in question is used for running daily or complete some tasks on a daily basis. Proper and timely attention to your horse’s health is also important because they are large animals. Hence, their requirement for water, food and other types of sustenance is different from other animals. When you give it proper nutrition in the form of these supplements, they stand a greater chance to perform to its optimum level.

Horses, by their very nature, are very active animals. They are well known for burning huge amount of energy when they move. This is one reason why there diet need is not restricted to mere grass and hay. Apart from offering them best nutrition, try to have a better understanding of their feeding habits. Ideally, you should feed it with carrots as it helps in keeping the eyesight more stable and clear. Carrots have always been known to be an effective diet to enhance and maintain a good eyesight as it gets older. Many veterans in the field of owning a horse say this is the best equine supplements. The equine supplements you provide should be done in a systematic and regulated manner. For instance, the horse should be fed at least three times a day. This option is best suited for horses kept in stalls. For, they are mostly fed with commercially prepared pellets. You can choose this option if you reside in a city environment and maintain equestrians for racing purposes. Of course, you need do the feeding three times a day if you have let lose the horse in an open field. This is subject to the condition there is plenty of grass or hay available. The horse must have proper access to water at all the times.

Studies have shown horses usually consume around 4% of their body weight. However, before you decide to feed it with equine supplements, do consult an equine veterinarian. Make sure to ask about the quantum of food you are supposed to supply.

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