How Is The Script Pivotal To A Marketing Video's Success?

Posted by rycoweb on September 2nd, 2013

The script is really the master plan for your video production. It creates an orderly sequential overview of each element present in the shooting, production and editing of the video, including the actors, props and sets etc. The script is the road map for the overall video production in Belfast and as such is the most essential to cost the project. It is therefore in the interest of the producer to ensure that a video script is the primary focus so all other aspects of the production can be integrated seamlessly without recourse to constant chopping and changing with rehashing of the script. It is definitely in the financial interest of the producer to start with a definitive script that does not require tweaking or even rewriting in the process of filming. That would really be a costly mistake and reinforces the essential need for a well thought out script to begin with.


What things should you consider before writing the script?


The first thing to consider is your target audience. The rule of thumb with larger companies is to give them what they want. Deciding what they want can really only be assessed through knowing them intimately – their occupation, education, gender, age, likes, dislikes, aspirations, business goals. The fact that you know that a 30 second video is a video length parameter that is set in stone for promotional videos, gives you the time scenario in which you can weave your script. With that base line you can incorporate content that is rich, informative, interesting and goal led – it should take your customer directly to where they want to go to make a necessary transaction. It is clearly proven that no one likes long winded videos which have the adverse effect of immediately turning potential customers away from the Web site


With the audience central to the project - what other considerations might they suggest to incorporate in a successful video?


They will direct you, through their requirements, if they have been invited to voice what they want. Do not try to reinvent the wheel.  Listen intently to their needs and opinions and integrate them into whatever strategy you may have for producing a professional corporate video. You are basically customising their video production to give them a better platform for attracting potential customers. You can address all their concerns and provide their ideal marketing platform with a production that reflects everything positive and good about their brand. Part of this process is pre planning your script carefully to pre-empt any possible delays in the production process and avoid incurring any extra expense.


What does script writing for video involve?


Writing for a visual medium is different from writing for a print medium and is shaped in terms of thinking multi dimensional as opposed to the two dimensional print world. The multi dimensional world includes a plethora of skills such as, camera movement, action, point of view and interview techniques, sound and visual effects, music, characters, narration and dialogue and periods of silence at certain times. It means that the script writer works in a wider arc of vision and adapts writing techniques to compliment those different skills – almost like putting words to pictures.


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