A Detailed Descriptive Note on Plantation Shutters

Posted by genedumas on September 2nd, 2013

Plantation shutters are now one of the most popular shutters. The popularity has mainly increased because of its effective ways to add newer and sophisticated look to the home interiors. At the same time they are quite functional. Therefore it can be understood that plantation shutters can be used extensively for all purposes, whether it may be for increasing the attractiveness of the interiors and exteriors or for using them for any specific function. Before these shutters are used in various parts of your house, you should know the functionalities thoroughly and obviously the various parts that the shutter has so that you may be aware of any nonfunctioning at the later stage. In case you do not have ample knowledge, you can either clarify from the place from where you get the shutters or you can retrieve the information from the various websites that provide information on shutters of various kinds.

•The architecture

There are various kinds of plantation shutters. They can be traditional in nature. These shutters would have a simple design. They generally consist of a set of vertical panels that are full length and usually four parts are seen into which they are divided: there are horizontal slats that are found on the shutter’s top and bottom. They are usually referred to as the “rails”. In some of the exceptional cases the shutters are also found to contain the horizontal in the center of the shutter. In that case, the shutter gets divided into a number of tiers. On the sides of the shutter there are vertical stiles. While the horizontal slats are referred to as ‘rails’, the parallel slats are referred to as ‘louvers’. These louvers can be tilted to some angles to adjust the settings of the shutter. These louvers are found in a number of sizes and shapes. The movement of the louvers is generally controlled with the help of the tilt rod mechanism.

•Mechanism of the tilt rod

There is variety of styles for the tilt rod placement: The single rods are in continuous connection with the vertical rod and the louvers are controlled simultaneously. There is a split rod that splits the tilt rod into a number of individual pieces. Due to this, the control over each of the several tiers on the shutter panel is separated maintaining privacy. Plantation shutters are used in all houses but with different aspects of utilizations. While some use shutters for increasing the show of the interiors and the exteriors while some others may use it to protect themselves from extreme heat and cold.

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