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Posted by adairsawyer on September 2nd, 2013

When it comes to African Design, there are more and more online stores where you can find different interesting pieces of art. Karibu-Store is one of them. We offer our clients unique contemporary african art that can help you re-experience the African lifestyle. We have named this website Karibu because in Swahili it means “welcome”.

So welcome to our website where you can find amazing contemporary african art. Take home with you a piece of the African culture by choosing an item expressing an African Design. If you like exotic products, than this is the place you must come. And the more so if you are interested in the African culture. Find out today all you need to know about this culture and its interesting art and if you decide to purchase any item, we put our services at your disposal anytime you need them.

If you are interested in contemporary african art, enter your email on our website and let us notify you when the launch will be made. You can follow us on Facebook if you like what we have on display. Although we will only launch this E-store in November 2013, you’ll want to stay close because our aim is to promote designers that are of African origin or have been inspired by the African Design and lifestyle.

The art of exotic cultures has exerted a force of attraction to the European civilization since the nineteenth century. The African culture is one of the most influential, having a decisive role in the history of modern and contemporary European art. European artists saw in primitive art an opening to unexplored ways of expression, noting the extraordinary "modernity" the abstract, symbolic representations often had. It can be said that abstraction unites, in some cases, the primitive artistic vision with the contemporary one. Thus the notion of abstract contemporary art appears under two specific forms of primitive art: the abstract as a sign and symbol and the abstraction resulting from simplification, the stylization of figurative forms.

Africa has produced over the years a variety of artistic objects from prehistory to the contemporary period. Regarding the "content" and its symbolism, African art has an unmistakable character, strongly influenced by religious beliefs and magical practices. The entire African culture is shrouded by an aura of mystery that still lingers. The uniqueness of the African culture lies in its primitive appearance, but which is warm and personal, given by the fact that every item is handmade without modern technology with rudimentary means of human expression that lives in direct contact with nature. From the clothes worn, the household items, those with religious purpose or those with purely decorative function, all items are carrying the emotional and sincere charge. From here the uniqueness and value of exotic primitive cultures is born.

Karibu-Store offers you a unique collection of items with African Design. If you are interested in contemporary african art, this is the place you will want to visit online.

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