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Posted by AdrianRocker on September 2nd, 2013

Those who deal with a deck coating affected by rain, snow and sunlight have two possibilities: to replace the entire coating and spend a high amount of money in order to achieve that or to restore it, by using some cleaning solutions, a sponge mop, a putty knife, a scrub brush and protective gear.

One should never attempt to clean or perform a deck repair without being very well protected against the damages that can be caused by the tools or chemical substances used in this process. And what can protect a worker better than some gloves and a pair of goggles? Also, wearing some shoes that do not allow you to slip while cleaning or repairing the deck is a great piece of advice. Nonetheless, if you have no experience in this field you should leave this task to professionals.

Decks are made from boards or tiles, which are made from various materials, such as wood, concrete or marble. These boards are connected to one another by some lute that usually features the same color as the boards for an appealing look. This lute has to be cleaned as well, in case of a deck restoration.

Many leaves, dirt and debris  find their way between the boards that form the deck and this is why it is best to firstly remove all the debris and only after that, start the actual deck repair. The space between the boards can be easily cleaned with a putty knife. After this, the entire deck has to be swept.

Then, professionals will clean the deck coating with a bit of deck cleaner. These types of cleaners usually need to be mixed with water, so pay attention to the label before using the cleaner. Do not apply the cleaner directly onto the deck, because you might destroy a board or two. Read the label twice and see if the cleaner is appropriate for the deck you own.

Some deck cleaners contain chlorine, which is why they have to be mixed with water, to reduce their power. For more safety, check the recommendations of the company that has manufactured the deck, or use a non-chlorine bleach cleaner. Even the deepest stains can be eliminated, if they are flooded with this type of cleaner.

The cleaner can be applied onto the deck by using a sponge mop. If they still remain after using the mop, get a scrub brush and eliminate them gently. They should be easy to get rid of, provided the task is performed by an expert in this field. . After using the cleaner, always make sure to rinse the deck with pure water.

Left the deck dry completely and then apply the new finish. The finish has to be selected in order to prevent the problem that is the most common in the case of your deck. Among the most common problems encountered by deck owners, we can include mildew, humidity, UV light destruction, and insect presence.

To make sure your deck will not suffer from any of these issues, get a finish that offers UV protection, is insect and water repellent, and also contains some chemical substances that kill the mildew.

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