Autumn Fashion Denim Blouse Collocation Skills

Posted by 7efashion on September 5th, 2013

Preface: warm and handsome cowboy blouse is definitely winter fashion classic wild style. Random match korea clothing online shopping jeans or skirt, can wear clothing different personality, the influx of people to the full range! This fall, fashion, how can you do not start with a denim blouse?  

 [Denim blouse with tip 1]

Collocation skill: handsome cowboy blouse, sweet candy-colored tights, with firmness and flexibility, maturity in a little charming. White pointed high-heeled shoes plays the role of Emphasis.

 [Denim blouse with tip 2]

Collocation skill: match denim blouse leather skirt, handsome in a little charming. A dress modification waist hip line, improve the waistline, so that the legs more slender. Add a bit sexy black stockings.

 [Denim blouse with tip 3]

Collocation skill: blend trousers warm and strong and individuality, breaking the dull cold tones. Black boots show uninhibited personality.

 [Denim blouse with tip 4]

Collocation skill: hole tights uninhibited personality while filling the right to modified legs lines. Match denim blouse striped T-blouse, simple and stylish.

 [Denim blouse with tip 5]

Collocation skill: close to the color nude color T-blouse, inadvertently reveals subtle hint of sexy. High waist denim shorts have a good effect of significantly higher was thin, hexagonal printing express individuality. Match denim blouses, cool pressing.

 [Denim blouse with tip 6]

Collocation skill:  cowboy blouse white shorts are simple and elegant. The overall shape beam Blouses more dignified formality. Cowboy blouse collar slightly open, exposing necklace, and noble temperament.

 [Denim blouse with tip 7]

Collocation skill: loose denim blouse casual and highlights the small skeleton figure, just enough to cover the upper body fat. Match unique design of mixed colors leggings, tight pants to form the upper body loose the effect of significantly thin the better.

 [Denim blouse with tip 8]

Collocation skill: white T-blouse match white pants, seemingly mundane match, but then put on a cowboy cheap women clothing blouse, immediately become full of energy.  

 [Denim blouse with tip 9]

Collocation skill: modal dress tailoring simple, comfortable materials. Match denim blouse, add a bit capable feeling.

 [Denim blouse with tip 10]

Collocation skill: delicate lace incorporated into a denim blouse design, filling charming charm.

[Denim blouse with tip 11]

Classic color denim blouse is with pantyhose, tough and stylish, handsome. Loose version of type, minimalist style, does not need too much modification can be to wear clothing fashion tidal range, which take the vest, very temperament, very suitable for dress this body out to the streets yet.

[Denim blouse with tip 12]

The thicker denim blouse style, you can directly take the T-blouse as the inner jacket to wear. Very fashionable and stylish style, but also highlights the female atmospheric elegance, stylish pieces of red tights, so keep them coming back with a hundred percent out to the streets.

[Denim blouse with tip 13]

This style is simple and clear, show more personality color, casual atmosphere, no trace of binding feeling. Dark blue blouse, which take the perspective of styles of bottoming blouse, can wear with a light-colored striped slacks, a popular hit with hue, very elegant atmosphere.

[Denim blouse with tip 14]

With the same color, is fresh and natural style, simple and neat, no cumbersome feeling. This made ​​the old-style cowboy blouse inside the ride red suspenders, wearing vertical stripes skirts, very thin, and the red and blue collided, and very stylish atmosphere.

[Denim blouse with tip 15]

Denim blouse with jeans, to wear with classic retro dress, is very significant temperament. Ably fills the elegant charm. Such a blouse, is exquisite tailoring, very beautiful atmosphere.

[Denim blouse with tip 16]

Cowboys and skirt retro mix can bring a sense of deep, close the body or loose denim blouse dress is a good partner, but the choice of colors is not easy to dress too bright, deep tone denim blouse dress more prominent. Perfect to wear with China wholesale shoes

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