Guild Wars 2 World Vs World Season 1 Starting In October

Posted by Londo629 on September 8th, 2013

ArenaNet wants to raise the stakes with World vs. World, the large-scale player-versus-player for their MMORPG Guild Wars 2. On October 4th, they'll be launching the first season of regular match-ups between the different worlds of the game.

"We’ve broken the NA region into 2 leagues of 12 worlds each and the EU region into 3 leagues of 9 worlds each," said ArenaNet's Devon Carver on the GW2 website. "The worlds in each league will compete with each other over the course of 7 weeks for a number of prizes based on their performance in each matchup and their performance over the course of the season. The leagues will be determined by world rating at the conclusion of the matchups prior to the start of the season. Once the season begins, the leagues will be locked and there will be no movement into or out of a league."

In World versus World, players from three different servers (or worlds) fight in massive battles. Each world tries to capture resources as well as structures. Players who aren't big on PvP still have jump puzzles, skill challenges and other PvE content to look forward to in these battlegrounds.

Each world will play each other at least once in the season. The first place team will get 5 points for their world, while second and third place will get 3 points and 1 point, respectively. At the end of the season on November 21st, the worlds will be ranked by their points. The top worlds in each league will unlock supply dolyak finishers for WvW and PvP use.

Individual players will be rewarded for their world's performance. Players will get bonus chests after each week of season play. They can also earn a new set of achievements that feed into Season meta achievement. If they complete the meta achievement, they'll get a new title along with a key for a season chest. The season chest's rewards will vary based on their world's final rank.

"Players will be tied to the home world they have set when the season begins, so regardless of transfers, you will receive rewards based only on the world you started on. This world is set the first time a character on an account loads into the game after the start of the season. This means you will be able to transfer worlds prior to loading in the first time and still be eligible for the rewards of your new world."

ArenaNet will be refunding the World Ability Points of all characters prior to the season's launch. This will allow players to retool their battlefield role before competitive play begins. Furthermore, the development team won't be changing or adding any World Abilities throughout the season.

WvW seasons are just one way that ArenaNet is supporting Guild Wars 2 in its second year of operations. The development team also plans to release content updates every two weeks. This updates bring new activities and loot for players.


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