Choose Marquee signs to make your home?s lighting pop

Posted by tedmark on September 8th, 2013

When you’re in your late 20s and early 30s you might crave for stability, but that will wear off fast. It’s hard to have to move around from home to home, whether you’re in college or just working to earn a living, so by the time you’ve done it for a few years you might be craving for some security. As soon as you spend a couple of years in the same place, you’ll start craving diversity once again, but you won’t always have the time, energy or money to redecorate. And, why take on the extra expenditures inherent in any redecoration process when you can completely change the mood in your home with marquee lighting and marquee signs, without having to spend nearly as much time and effort on them? Keep reading to find out more about the most important reasons to choose marquee lighting and marquee signs for your home lighting scheme.

One of the most important and special things about marquee signs is their vintage look and feel. Whether you’re buying period originals or vintage replica marquee signs, they take you back images of the “Great White Way”, back when it was the only electrified area of New York. Marquee lighting has always been symbolic for theater and the arts, and it is reminiscent of old movie theaters, their style and their class. Having marquee lighting introduced into your lighting design makes a statement and demands attention from any person stepping foot into your home. Whether you get more intricate signs with letters, or smaller marquee signs without writing, you get to enjoy their stunning effect, without obliterating your lighting budget.

If you like marquee lights and signs, but aren’t really sure about what you should purchase, there are a few reasons that you should consider for using vintage replicas instead of original models. First of all, vintage replica marquee signs will always be more affordable than the original models. Here, you need to think about how significant an investment you’re willing to make in order to satisfy your need for change. If you’re an amateur collector, by all means you should purchase an original piece that will increase in value. But, if you have a big family and curious, small children you’ll always be better off purchasing a vintage replica instead of an original.

On a similar note, purchasing a vintage marquee sign replica is also better than purchasing an original because it’s likely to require a lot more maintenance, and to stay in working order for a longer period of time. Any time you’re dealing with vintage electrical equipment you can expect to encounter problems which are much less likely to represent a concern with new equipment.

Last, but not least, vintage marquee sign replicas come ready to use. You can hang them up and turn them on as soon as they’re delivered. All you have to do is plug them in and take in the view. There’s no complicated installation process, so it’s even easier than buying something from Ikea.

If you’re looking for a way to revitalize your home space without redecorating, find out how introducing Marquee lighting into your home can help you achieve stunning effects and see how Marquee signs can make your home pop.

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