How to Match Pullover with Skirts in 2013 Autumn

Posted by 7efashion on September 9th, 2013

Lead: loose and comfortable this winter silhouette became popular, and even the Beckhams have replaced rare windy skirt, wearing a loose, casual pullover with plaid skirt collocation. This fall and winter, retro pullover is popular again, with short skirts worn season to become popular single product with choosing the right not only to keep up with trends, but also effectively thin.

Dark gray pullover + plaid skirt + dark gray bare ankle boots

Matching Skill: Beckhams are really keeping up with fashion trends, to give up her favorite skinny profile shape, choose a relaxed casual pullover. Thin section pullover is cooler in autumn weather when you can wear plaid skirts valid by age. Don’t worry about the matching cost, you can wholesale clothing China, the clothes are cheaper but with good quality.

Skull pattern pullover + black high waist A-line dress

Matching Skill: waist skirt is a lot of beauty was thin choice, but would pullover beam into wearing skirts and everyone tried it? With more popular this year is loose sweater beam into the A-line dress in the clothes, the same type of difficult to find a single product, the key is to mix all efforts to try new methods.

Retro knitting sweater + black leather skirt fishtail

Matching Skill: mother's retro sweater without dropping back and forth rotation of the retro trend it can always come in handy, the key is very warm. This year, the loose section of the sweater they can wear out, the corset dress is the most popular season the way they dress, leather skirt with a stylish and elegant, not afraid OUT.

Thin section loose gray sweater + skirt + black printing black ankle boots fish head bare

Matching Skill: early autumn weather hot and cold, a thin section of the pullover is quite useful, when the heat is playing just fine as long as the sleeve, with a printed skirt for the entire LOOK add color and fun. The key is careful machine accessories, necklaces and bracelets exaggerated in order to better enhance the fashion degree. There are many cheap clothing online, and trust you can pick several of them to match.

Rose pattern pullover skirt + red + black painter cap

Matching Skill: someone think fashion is, "to grace, not temperature", wearing a pullover sweater, pants legs wear short skirts seem light Enthusiasm. But Xiaobian tell you, stylish and expensive modifications in the mix, as the fashion people, like wearing black tights and boots are not the same fashion it?

White shirt + retro twist knitting sweater pleated short leather skirt

Matching Skill: shirt + sweater styling is classic college style style, this fall and winter do not forget to choose a skirt to match, leather skirt is also a popular choice.

Black retro sweater + short leather skirt + blue reflective sunglasses

Matching Skill: black pullover with short leather skirt slightly dull in color, so this is a smart beauty coupled to wear with a blue reflective sunglasses. Entire style is simple and elegant, but also no shortage of little interest.

White pullover shirt + red + pink skirt

Matching Skill: Who says winter is the season of dark lines, this year's autumn and winter brings red and violet colors are more popular, so this red pullover can meet this season's fashions. With a pink skirt, did not jump out of the entire body with red lines, still more harmonious, but it look more youthful vigor.

White irregular hem pleated loose pullover

Matching Skill: irregular hem pullover is more stylish, with a simple and elegant pleated skirt. It is noteworthy that want to pass this style thin waitress who want to select a shorter skirt proportion will look good.        
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