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Counselling is a term that defines the action of giving advice and its outcome. Psychological counselling is a psychological intervention with the purpose of optimization, self-awareness and personal development or for prevention and remission of emotional, cognitive and behavioural problems. In other words, psychological counselling addresses people in crisis, or who are in trouble regarding the resolution of personal or professional life situations. People who use psychological counselling are in fact healthy people who need counselling to find solutions to the problems they face. If you need a counsellor Hempstead based or a counsellor North West London based you can look online and find their website.

In the last century the profession of counsellor appeared in a number of areas: financial, political, parental, family, educational, sexual, etc. These types of psychological treatments have in common a specific theme, a problem so we can say that the activity of counselling is targeted on a specific problem. Counselling addresses adults, children, adolescents and elderly at the same time. It is done either individually or through group counselling, for example the support groups.

Psychological counselling is similar to psychotherapy in many respects, but especially targets preventing psychological disorders, while psychotherapy has a larger intervention area, including psychological interventions for specific pathology. Counselling seeks personal development, self-knowledge and a more efficient adaptation to the environment through the development of skills and capacities. Thus, psychological counselling is a transfer of information in the field of specialty and procedures so that the specific problem should not exist anymore (transmission of "know how" and "how to do").

The counsellor Hempstead based is a psychologist or a physician, with specialization in counselling and / or psychotherapy. Counselling requires a shorter period of time than psychotherapy, usually 6 to 10 sessions, and can have three types of beneficiaries: individuals, couples and families, groups.

Some people wonder when to seek counselling at a counsellor North West London based. It is recommended to do so when you want to be heard, supported and helped, when you feel isolated from the rest of the world, misunderstood and alone, when you want to share your thoughts and feelings, when you want to benefit from tips, ideas and new information, when you need the help of specialists in your problems.

Premarital counselling is designed to help young people who have engaged in a relationship in order to start their life together, dedicating themselves one another and ending with wedding vows. Child counselling aims to help children overcome various difficult moments and to discover their resources. During the child's personality development there are many difficult stages that can trigger emotional blockages, school difficulties, relationship conflicts, which have a great impact on every child. Counsellors ensure the children and their families the much needed emotional and informational support.

Post-abortion counselling is aimed at women who have had a pregnancy loss and find it difficult to talk about this; who have difficulty relating with their spouse and / or children; who find it difficult to be around pregnant women or young children, or have moments when they think only of the child who they should have had.

For any problems you might have, seek specialized help from the best counsellor Hempstead based or the best counsellor North West London based.

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