Cardigan Matches with Skirts and Pants in Autumn

Posted by 7efashion on September 10th, 2013

Lead: skirts for summer must-have item, came to fall still can wear! With a thin knit cardigan not only able to cope with hot and cold weather, but also for the autumn with added layering. Casual korean clothing online cardigan + skirt is very suitable for the fall of America ride scheme.

Perspective cardigan + white striped vest + knit waist skirts

Matching Skill: vests and skirts mix in the hot summer there are many beautiful women tried it, and then covered with a thin summer came perspective can continue to wear the cardigan. White + gray color is more classic and elegant, but also very suitable for autumn color matching program.

White long cardigan + vest + gray cotton floral high waist skirt umbrella

Matching Skill: white long knitted cardigan is the most suitable mix of simple and elegant. Use it to take a black vest and a Polka Dot waist A-line dress is very casual feeling, very suitable for traveling the streets.

Beige short cardigan + shirt + pink pleated white primer

Matching Skill: pink pleated skirt very young girl, with a simple beige short cardigan casual look relatively simple. Short paragraph can effectively thin knit cardigan and pleated skirt worn together, the ratio is very good.

Yellow cardigan + white T shirt + light yellow floral skirt

Matching Skill: this with styling quite fresh, with a light yellow-based, with a small area of ​​blue floral hit color, looked very chic.

Maroon cardigan + white shirt + printing high waist skirt umbrella

Matching Skill: cardigan wearing the beam into the waist skirt is more interesting with the way maroon have more taste of autumn, with black print dress very ethnic customs.

White denim cardigan + vest + black tight skirt

Matching Skill: denim cardigan is also very suitable for autumn wear. Worried about tight vest + skirt collocation is not suitable for extra baggage MM? Then, we come up with a more long section of the cardigan to match it, more can be modified body!

Black knit cardigan + gray + blue straight skirt bottoming shirt

Matching Skill: straight skirt + T-shirt bottoming in this summer is more common, to the slightly cooler weather when you can use the sweater to match. Black knit cardigan is very wild single product, with this blue straight skirts, cool color mix is a good choice.

Dark green knitted cardigan + m gray primer A dress shirt + printing

Matching Skill:  dark green cardigan is favorite color for female, but also to add fashion sense to try and floral skirt to match. It’s better to wear with China wholesale shoes 


Navy blue cardigan + T-shirt + striped skirt wavy edges Aberdeen

Matching Skill: a wave of well-cut skirt has been worn from spring to autumn! That one with flash cowboy wavy skirt becomes very fashionable, and then with a solid color in this paragraph cardigan, mix feeling strong!

Sunscreen cardigan + vest + gray lace skirt

Matching Skill: cardigan in the autumn sun can continue to wear the white cardigan + white lace lady mix compared with gray primer and add a little vest with a casual feel.

Light gray long sweater vest + thin + light gray washed denim pencil pants Scarf +

Matching Skill: long sweater and pencil pants collocation, show thin effect is excellent! Light gray and light blue washed denim mix of colors is also very fashionable. Surrounded thin scarves increased sense of hierarchy, the entire look great range!

Yellow Knit cardigan + vest + white washed jeans pencil

Matching Skill: hollow sweater is trends in autumn and winter fashion trends this year, ideal for when the weather is not too cold to wear. Deduction only one button sweater to wear with pencil pant, looked in great shape.

Black beaded sweater vest + gray + light denim pencil pants

Matching Skill: Short knitted cardigan with pencil pants, will vest bundle into his pants, but also significantly higher thin. Shoulder beaded design with unique features, making this knit cardigan will not be too casual, but even more stylish.

Light gray knitted cardigan vest + blue + white pencil pants

Matching Skill: light gray knit cardigan with a light blue pencil pants is really casual and generous. Wear flat shoes, wear sunglasses can become very European and American street shooting star of the posture

Gray long knitted cardigan + gray plaid shirt + dark pencil pants

Matching Skill: This is a very retro knitted cardigan, loose boyfriend-style design, with gray plaid shirt to wear, giving a kind of boyfriend borrowed clothes illusion. But the lower body pencil pants revealed the secret, and immediately saw the feminine.

White thin knit cardigan + T-shirt + white letters on a dark blue pencil pants

Matching Skill:  thin knit cardigan is ideal for early autumn dress, a white sweater with a long T-shirt, then put on a dark blue pencil pants, whole body shape is very refreshing! Don’t worry about the cost of clothing, you can buy wholesale cheap clothing

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