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Posted by adairsawyer on September 10th, 2013

Before selecting an air carrier to transport your goods from one location to another, do a bit of checking and learn more about some of them. Take into account their professionalism, sense of responsibility, punctuality and of course services and pricing. In terms of services, you may find out that all carriers offer basically the same services, so it all comes down to the rest of the elements mentioned earlier.

To find out about how professional or reliable an airline is, when being commissioned for transporting goods, you have to read reviews of people that have used the services of that airline. To be certain your luggage will reach its destination without problems, make sure to test the air carrier by shipping some insignificant goods before shipping something really valuable.

Air freight Middlesex cost can be easily calculated, if you follow the instructions on some airlines’ websites. You need to fill in some blanks representing the estimated air cargo size, its dimensions, the nature of the goods you plan to transport by aircraft, and their fragility. An additional charge is paid, if you require extra care for your goods.

Also, if your goods contain substances that are considered hazardous, you will have to pay an additional charge, in case the goods are approved for transport. In this category of hazardous materials, there can be included radioactive substances, flammable compounds, explosives, chemical materials, compressed gases, blasting agents, poisons, and acids.

Now let us see what is normally included in the air freight Middlesex cost, so that you could easily make your decision of selecting a particular freight forwarder offering you air transport for your goods. First of all, the goods have all the customs fees covered. Secondly, all the items are insured against accidents, and this can be seen in the airline ticket price.

Goods transported by aircraft can travel from a country to another or from a state to another, therefore some legal documents may be required. In fact, this happens if you choose road freight Middlesex as well, because not only planes go from country to country, but also trucks and other vehicles. That is why you have to choose the freight forwarder that prepares the documents for you and also offers you insurance.

The insurance is higher for those who select to ship their goods by aircraft, and who do not choose a company offering road freight Middlesex transport, because in case of a plane crash, almost nothing survives. In case of a ground vehicle crash, on the other hand, you may get your goods back unharmed. However, the insurance provided by air carriers or freight forwarders is limited, so you should opt for an extra insurance to be certain your goods are 100% covered.

The other charges implied by air freight cost refer to the actual shipping cost, and to the cost of some additional services, like the possibility of knowing at any moment where your luggage is, thanks to an online application. You can access the application by using your computer or any other electronic device that can connect to the Internet.

Another additional service that freight forwarders offer is the possibility of handing your package to a courier at your very own house; this means that you are not required to go to the airport to have your package shipped, since the courier comes to your house to take it. This additional service is either a fixed amount of money, or depends on the distance between the airport and your house.

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