How To Make A Prank Phone Call

Posted by thenephewtommyexperience on September 10th, 2013

If you are having a boring day and you want to annoy a close friend or stranger or a business partner the best thing to do is to make a prank phone call. Before making a prank call you need to know that making it can get you in trouble with the law and you can be arrested but you can make a call that will not infuriate the person. Here are some of the tips that you should follow if you want to make a good prank call.

The first step is developing a persona. Just create a fake name and avoid coming up with real accent because it may be offensive to the person and you will be arrested for racist prank calls. It is essential that you rehearse what you are going to be saying before you make the call. Write down notes that will help you to remember what you will say. If you are planning to make the call with the help of your close friend practice it with your friend until you have done it.

It is essential that you rehearse what you will say; it is also good to know the character of the person that you are going to be impersonating so that you go with the flow. If you are worried so much about sticking to your script you will not be in a good position to improvise. It is also good that you practice disguising your voice. If you are planning to call somebody that you know very well, you have to be careful. Disguise your voice in order to avoid to be caught. If you want your voice to sound nasal you can pinch your noise and then practice talking. Purchase some voice distortion if you want your voice to get fancy.

Do not laugh or break character. This is essential. You should be in a quiet room when making the call. If you have friends around ensure that they are quiet. You should act calmly so that the person that you are going to be calling will stay oblivious. You should also avoid legal trouble. If you do not want to get in trouble with the police, call people who you know well.

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