How to pick an OS for your hosting Colombia services

Posted by johnssmith00 on September 10th, 2013

One of the great hosting related mysteries of mankind had always been choosing the correct operating system for the server. It’s very important to find a correct operating system for your hosting Colombia provider, and the problem is not made easier by the fact that many web hosting Colombia companies offer a plethora of hosting packages. The operating system your server uses will affect many things such as speed, ease of maintenance, costs and so on. So how should you determine which operating system to choose when looking for that perfect plan amongst many plans that web hosting Colombia companies offer?

First of all, remember, it doesn’t matter which system you personally use. You should never pay attention to that when searching for a perfect solution amidst all hosting Colombia companies offer. You might think that compatibility issues might arise if an operating system that you use on your own PC is different from that used by your server. This is a mistake, no matter which plan that hosting Colombia companies offer you might decide to use. You won’t have to run any software from your PC on the system you choose for hosting, as the programs that run on servers are radically different from those that run on home computers. And don’t think that it will be easier for you to use a familiar system on your hosting server. The user interface for the server is the same no matter which operating system your hosting Colombia provider offers for your plan. And that interface is not really similar to Windows, Mac or Linux interface.

What really matters when you choose your hosting OS is what your website needs, how it functions and what technology it uses. If you have a simple, straightforward website, such as a blog, and have no need for functions more complex than a typical Internet shopping cart, you should probably turn your attention to Unix-based host systems. Most prominent of Unix-based host systems include Linux and FreeBSD. They’re good to use with simple website designs as most software that is used on websites (software like shopping carts) is geared to work with Unix-based systems by default.

That’s why, if you don’t plan on tweaking your website software extensively, you should use Linux or FreeBSD. And even if you do, most tutorials easily accessible on the Internet explain how configure servers which run on Unix systems. You should also use Unix-based systems if you plan to utilize Perl or PHP, or a MySQL database, as such programs typically run smoother on Unix systems out of the box.

Windows-based systems, on the other hand, should be used if your website requires solutions developed specifically for Windows. These include Microsoft SQL Server, ASP, .NET and Microsoft Access. There are ways to adapt these technologies to a Unix-based system, but it’s usually easier and more effective to use them on Windows.

If you’re searching for a good hosting solution, take a look at plans hosting Colombia companies offer. You can find an OS that’s best suited for your needs.

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