Korean Fashion Package Hip Skirt Collocation

Posted by 7efashion on September 11th, 2013

Lead: This summer package hip skirt hot even in the early autumn is still alive, much sought after fashion crush. Package hip skirt with chiffon shirt, T-shirt or shirt can wear clothing with amazing style. Closet standing a package hip skirt is definitely value for money. Don’t worry about it, you can wholesale plus size clothing online, you can wear beautiful even you are a little fat.

Mash up demonstration 1

Matching Skill:  gorgeous and elegant navy blue filling, increased waist design, A word hem lines decorate the abdomen. Wrapped in a black bag hip skirt sexy curves, but also adds some elegant and generous. Shiny necklace lit overall shape.

Mash up demonstration 2

Matching Skill:  white T-shirt with a black bag hip skirt is simple and elegant. Knitted cardigan is elegant and generous. Pink chain bag add a bit playful, cute.

Mash up demonstration 3

Matching Skill:  printed T-shirt full of classical charm, red fishtail skirt package hip mature charm. Black leather motorcycle jacket to wear with package hip is perfect cool. It reveals a faint hint of sexy black stockings.

Mash up demonstration 4

Matching Skill:  Tie-dyed skirt package hip highlight the personality and filling charming. Silver pointed high heels lit overall shape.

Mash up demonstration 5

Matching Skill:  leopard wrapped package hip skirt a sexy curves while filling the wild, simple white T-shirt and a leopard in just enough publicity. Black shirt and black boots add a bit cool.

Mash up demonstration 6

Matching Skill:  Mature maroon T-shirt, shoulder lace add a bit cute. Gray fishtail skirt package hip unique design, but also filling charming. Maroon pointed shoes play the role of Emphasis.

Mash up demonstration 7

Matching Skill:  grace and elegance chiffon shirt, the sleeves cut some unique sexy and charming. Chest lace is elegant and meticulous workmanship. Black bag hip skirt with black high heels, gives mature feeling.


Mash up demonstration 8

Matching Skill:  close to the color nude color shirt, inadvertently showing a trace of sexy. Printed package hip skirt design is unique, simple and elegant zippers. Black fish head boots is handsome.

Mash up demonstration 9

Matching Skill:  black T-shirt gives a mature sense of design to show sexy strapless shoulder line. Stripe package hip skirt fish head cool colors to break the dull and monotonous. Sequin embellished shoes so that the overall shape is more eye-catching.

Mash up demonstration 10

Matching Skill:  simple and elegant white T-shirt, wave sleeve design adds a bit cute. Diamond lattice package hip skirt highlight personality and add a bit cute.  Just dress yourselt up what you like, don’t worry about the expensive cost of the clothing, you can just wholesale clothing China. The clothing are cheaper but good quality. I believe every girl and women can be beautiful.


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