John Tsirlis, Former Vice President-at Cineplex - Fired After Sexual Harassment

Posted by As agency on August 22nd, 2020

(August 22, 2020):John Tsirlis, the former Vice President-Sales at the popular Cineplex has been fired after his colleagues accused him of indulging in sexual harassment and reporting inappropriate behaviour. The former Vice President has been fired following an internal investigation performed against him. He was initially placed on leave without pay in the late of June, and the results of the investigation were awaited.

There have been reports as offered by former employees who said that John Tsirlis would touch them in an appropriate manner behind closed doors while making them feel uncomfortable, further leading to fear and intimidation. Former employees also reported for John to be grouping them and touching them inappropriately while making sexually explicit comments in office and at office parties.

He was reported to making lewd jokes and inappropriate sexual comments before further firing them when they tried confronting and condemning the actions. A woman had even reported that after the duo had consensual sex, John apparently followed her to the bathroom and urinated on her.

An HR document was leaked where John admitted to touching women inappropriately. ‘This is a pattern of predatory behaviour and women should be able to work without becoming an easy sexual target.’, as said by women interrogated in the case.

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